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  1. @otherbuttons sounds like you need a BIGGER light.
  2. @otherbuttons shhhhhh don't say that, you might give the devil ideas.
  3. Well, you can do that irl too. Not that I would know anything about such things.
  4. Well, you can do that irl too. Not that I would know anything about such things.
  5. Not encoded stuff, just spam. The mods have to manually ban these profiles and delete these posts, but I think they're planning on getting a better anti-spam system in place at some point.
  6. I just read a news article released two hours ago that said there's going to be a movie adaption? What? Whaaaaat? Have I been missing out on something, or is this really the first public announcement, or is this a weird hoax?
  7. So I cleared out the safehouse on the second garden district island (which was a lot of fun and kinda scary), only to find that despite all the bags and boxes, none of them open and there's nowhere to put all my loot. Is this intentional? Really all that's in there is a bed and a pneumo. That got me to thinking it might be cool to have movable containers. And maybe if wastrels see you carrying a box, they might try to beat you up and take your stuff. Anyway, loving the update so far!
  8. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make another one
  9. @SkyDollX It is strongly recommended (and sometimes required) that you start a new game after every update, so yes when the bug is fixed you should start a new game.
  10. In the first safe house, there's an invisible thing in the middle of a room that can be hit. If I stand where I hit it, I can see the floating mark on my weapon or hand.
  11. So I started a new game and noticed that it seemed to be fixed. So I ran all up and down every street in the garden, and sure enough I couldn't find the Cult of Jack anywhere. After starting a new game again several times and searching for the Cult of Jack each time, the results were consistent. Sorry if I'm coming across as a little annoying, I just enjoy this sort of thing
  12. Lud's bridge quest markers- when you start the quest, two markers appear on the map. One at the bridge, and one where the broken water pump is. They both say “repair the motilene pump," Even though the water pump marker should say “find a pipe valve.” If you repair the motilene pump at the bridge, then it will fix. If you open a plant’s inventory (gilead petals etc) with Tab and try to place something in it after taking out the petals or whatever, it will cause a crash. If you wear a rubber suit, coveralls, or padded suit in the garden district, instead of commenting on your clothes, the wastrels will speak like you’re trespassing (a man’s home is his castle etc). Also for the coveralls, even though they cause suspicion in the garden district, there isn’t a red eye on top of the screen. If you use a regular attack on an inanimate object, your weapon’s remaining durability will go down, but if you use a charged attack on an object, the weapon is unaffected. I play on PC.
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