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  1. Since writing the last comment I've come across a BUNCH more evidence. Sally crops up all over the place in the new update, make sure you follow every quest, read every journal entry and note, etc. and you'll notice she's everywhere
  2. Went into the Chemist today and took note of what he said in relation to Miss Cheney's dealing in illegal substances: 'Sally Boyle doesn't work here any more'. Interesting, if you consider the fact that Miss Thigh Highs appears to be carrying a syringe. I reckon you're right about the connection.
  3. You don't even need a battle, just a decent torch and some stealth until you find and power the main light. Then just board up the entrances. Bish bash bosh Oh, also, I just realised that the Plague victims are quoting Beowulf!
  4. Finally ran into the Nick Lightbearer/Church of Simon Says quests (I presume they're linked) and I've ran into a couple of technical difficulties, not sure if anyone else is having them but thought I'd post just in case! 1) The mechanical stations in the garden beside Nick's don't seem to work. I'm not sure if this is on purpose, but didn't realise until I found the locked door and had to make a massive detour to another mech station to make more clever trap tools and advanced electro-shock lockers 2) Scaffolding which you climb up en route to the house has a block in the middle (just after crossing over from the previous house when you go left). There seems to be an elevated part but I can't climb it and ended up trying several times before just ghosting through. 3) Nick is just... not responding to me whatsoever. He stands there and doesn't move at all. I can't interact with him in any way, even attacking him does nothing! I've loved all of the new quests so far, especially Super Meat Boy, and I'm really looking forward to getting involved in the church of Simon Says, so I hope that this is either a one-off or that you guys can fix it soon
  5. I second this. Especially since we can't drop our stuff anywhere without it disappearing I'd also like more in the first village island; maybe I'm being picky but storing my food in a toilet doesn't really feel right!
  6. I love love love this update. New quests are wonderful, the music is a thousand times better, the compliment machines are utterly terrifying (but weirdly cute?) and Maidenholm is so much fun to explore. Love the safehouse challenges (especially the electricity one) and how they've expanded! Only gripe I have is the lack of extra storage space in the Lud's Holm/Hamlyn safehouses. Resorted to storing food in the toilet in Hamlyn, but there's no space at all in Lud's, which meant I had to leave some valuable things behind As for the dialect... it sounds like some form of Cornish?!
  7. All in all a thousand times better than before the update. I absolutely love it, and finally managed to complete Faraday's quest and finish without ghosting through the gate! A couple of bugs I've noticed, though (for the PC update): - in It's A Terrible Life, George doesn't follow me when I pick up Mary, just remains standing in the room. (I took her to the bridge anyway and he magically appeared, so I passed the quest anyway). - in the Altar of the Yam, the yam people asked me to play the bongos but then got aggressive before I could play them, so I had to just grab the book and run without witnessing the mass. Also, is the Yam supposed to be missing? - in the Mushroom Log quest, after the first couple of nights I approached from a different angle and the cutscene showed the couple sitting way over in the distance. Their voices were so distant that I couldn't hear them properly over the tannoy with Uncle Jack telling a story. I had screenshots of this but they seem to have gone missing - Also, this weird inexplicable occurrence happened in the village. She was killed (not by me, honest... I just framed her as a downer) and got stuck in midair like this for ages with her neck kind of extended out through the air: I'll add other things if I find them, but other than this, absolutely great job. I can't wait to see further progress!
  8. Day 14: I reversed the polarity on every joy detector in Hamlyn. Everybody suspects everybody else. Bodies litter the ground. >
  9. I think it would be a really cool idea to be able to inject someone with Joy. So you could inject yourself or others - it would make Wellies OD (or revert back to normal if they crashed via a crash bomb/syringe), and Wastrels would go crazy. I kind of just want to see what Joy does to Wastrels. Is that bad? Probably. Also, is there already something like this? I couldn't find any info online about it, but I'm not entirely sure whether I've actually seen everything available in the game yet or not.
  10. I think the restricted inventory situation is actually quite good. It forces you to consider what you'll really need and what you'll have to leave behind. There's no need to have a whole locker full of metal bits, duct tape and canvas scraps. The latter in particular isn't used for a great number of things. That said there are a few things which should be more stackable - Dexipam for example!
  11. Hello! I'd just like to start my post by saying that I've been in love with the concept of WHF from the beginning, and that it is one of my favourite games to date even in the pre-alpha stage! I really can't wait to see where it goes. Seriously, props to you guys, this game is amazing, and sorry for the lengthy post to follow. Now, onto the feedback: just wanted to list a few things I've found to be a bit odd during gameplay. I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong section, not entirely sure whether to put it in feedback or bugs as it feels like it's a bit of both! Firstly, and this is something that's happened very recently (in my current session), I've noticed that Wellies will very easily turn on other Wellies. This has happened since I picked up the book about pointing fingers (4% chance of Wellies turning against someone if you talk to them?). The first time it seemed normal - a notification popped up saying 'Blame Storm', and everyone started attacking one person. Then, out of the blue, they turned and attacked me. Since then this has happened frequently, but without me doing anything - sometimes I'll be walking down the street and a mob will start attacking one Wellie, and then, if I stop to watch, instantly turn and attack me. It happens frequently; far more than 4% of the time and even when I don't talk to someone. It just seems a little odd! Secondly, a problem I've had a few times (but not frequently) is that I will often find myself unable to escape combat mode. Even if I return to the bunker, have a sleep, and wake up hours later, I still can't craft because I'm 'in combat mode' and need to quit and restart the game. It's happened less recently but still pops up sometimes, is anyone else has had this problem? Also finally, I attacked a Bobbie in a shop (the gas mask ones in red uniforms) out of curiosity, and found that he has pretty much no power to attack me. He blows his whistle, but nobody comes (at least in the times I tried it) and if I leave the shop, he reverts back to normal instantly, even if I re-enter the shop. Not sure if you guys are aware of this, but it is a little strange. Again, I really really love WHF and can't express enough how excited I am for the release of the new updates and v 1.0!
  12. I have a problem in this quest in that nobody shows up to do the Mass of the Sacred Yam - the door is open at night, but nobody is there. One time it did actually work properly, but it became daytime midway through and everyone just disappeared. Really wish I could see the whole quest through
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