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  1. This isn't really a topic i just wanted to say Thanks to Compulsion Games for creating such a beautiful and intricate world. I've spent literally days analysing the Games world, the characters, the environmental narrative, everything. There's so much love poured into this game, so much intense detail, it's physically impossible to pick it all up in a single play. I had been following the development of WHF from it's early stages and it's very literally changed my life, i was studying art at college and had no idea what i wanted to do at uni, but after i began following the weekly journals about the games progress, i started to learn about what goes into making a game, building a world, working in a team of like minded artists, and i realised it's everything that i want to do with my life. Because of WHF, i made a very last minute decision to study Game Arts at uni and everything has fallen perfectly into place now. This game has awoken a passion in my life that i was previously missing and i've never been happier. Some days i literally just drop what i'm doing so i can pace about and think all about the narrative intricacies of the game, i run through all the details, it just makes me so happy that such a game exists, it's such an obvious labor of love and that's exactly what i want to be able to do with my life. Thank you Compulsion Games, for inspiring me and helping guide me, this has honestly had a profound effect on me 💖
  2. I loved reading the weekly journals, it was really nice to get an insight into the development of the game and how all the different members of the team added to and built the game! I know the game is done and has been released, and i imagine the DLC has finished development as well, but have the journals finished completely now? That is, not just a weekly journal but Journal updates in general? I always had notifications on for the journals and it was really exciting to get a little update about the game, and seeing as there's new content for the players coming soon (sandbox mode, DLC, the art book, etc) i was wondering whether the journal would continue to be updated (not necessarily weekly, just, like, idk lil updates) or whether the journal is completed for now?
  3. First, congratulations Compulsion Games! i just finished playing through the game for the 4th time now and i absolutely adore it, definitely a game i will be replaying for years and years. Of course this means i am incredibly excited for the upcoming DLC and Sandbox mode! I was curious whether the DLC would be in a similar format to the main game or would it be entirely new, like will we still play in a survival open world as different characters or will the gameplay be more contained? Also i'm very excited to get to see more of the announced DLC characters, James and Roger, and Nick Lightbearer, but is there a teeny tiny chance someone can give us a hint for the third playable character? Thanks and congrats on such a beautiful game!!
  4. There this song called "Save your kisses for me" by Brotherhood of Man, and it's a very sweet cheerful British song from the 60s-70s, and initially it sounds like a very cute love song, but the song slowly reveals it's actually about how much a parent cares about and loves their child. The song was very popular, I and many people my age remember their parents singing it to them when they were little, but when you put the song into the context of WHF, i can imagine it might really upset the wellies, especially those who've lost their children to whatever happened in the history of this world. The mere implied comment about children is enough to stress out wellies, and in certain Lore they are proven to act violently when reminded about their lost children. There's even specific lines in the song about having to say goodbye to their children and leave them, in the context of the WHF world, it could be interpreted as how their children got taken away from them. Idk, just the fact that this adorable and upbeat song might cause such horrific misery in this world could make for some incredibly disturbing or creepy scenes.
  5. When doctors become a regularly occurring NPC in the game, will the player will be able to retrieve joy syringes from their corpses? and will they be able to use these syringes to make Wellies overdose? I thought it could be interesting to create a contrast to the crash syringe. Like, you can create a distraction in the welly side of town with crash syringes by bringing someone off their joy, but with a joy syringe, you could make an NPC overdose and possibly could use this to put a wellie out cold for a lot longer than taking them down would, or similarly create a distraction by them having an erratic response to overdosing before they collapse, causing nearby NPCs to rush over and become distracted by the events. And while a crash syringe causes the crashee to start crying, maybe the joy syringe could cause them to reach some kind of joy peak that sees them start to have fits of laughter before passing out, which would be pretty cool and kinda creepy Once again this really is just a minor suggestion and stuff, I was just thinking about the kind of items you could retrieve from a doctor and i assumed a joy syringe would have to be one of them, so this was kinda just a suggestion about what that could be used for or something
  6. Well i find the main thing with Bobbies is that you are much quicker than them, and compared to Wellies, they lose track of you quicker (for instance one time i was being chased by a mob of both Wellies and Bobbies, and i ran far into an open field, i turned to see if i had lost them and saw that while the Wellies were running from a far distance directly towards me, the Bobbies had stopped and were looking around yelling "where'd he go???" ) This means you can always outrun a Bobby and i think that feature should stay, i just think that in close range a Bobby shouldnt really be helpless when all thats stopping them is a short wall. Also i was thinking about possible bugs that could be caused by NPCs who can climb, my main worry is that if the player is witnessed climbing, the Wellies get suspicious, so they might end up turning on an NPC if they have the ability to climb, also i can imagine we might see a lot of Bobbies just standing on walls and other climbable objects idley which wouldnt seem right and would unimmerse the player a bit, so i was thinking instead of giving them the same kind of climbing mechanics the player has, they instead have a seperate animation that has them vault over the obstacle all together with no lingering on the object like the player can. kind of like the fence hopping in Hot Fuzz. And in instances where the player is just standing on the object, the Bobbies could have the ability to pull them off the wall or something.
  7. yeah, but my current problen is that i can literally climb a short wall and the Bobby just stands there a little lost and confused, which is funny and somewhat adorable, but it kind of takes the adrenaline and excitement out of the gameplay. The same kind of adrenaline you get when you first encounter bobbies in the opening cutscene, where they seem truely threatening in how they pursue the player.
  8. I like to play stealthily in the game, like taking down NPCs and trying to cause as little commotion as possible, and one thing I've noticed is that after taking an NPC down, they can wake up suddenly and abruptly minutes later, which is fine, it's just i can check on their body one second, turn around and by the time i turn back, they're standing up and threatening me. Occasionally i even witness them suddenly pop to their feet and go about their day like nothing happened. So i was thinking if they had a gradual waking animation, it could benefit stealthier players by indicating that a Welly is waking up, so the player can have time to plan strategy for it, it would also add further detail to the game as right now, since there's no animation for it, it can look a bit glitchy when they pop back into consciousness, so an animation for it would make it look more natural and cleaner. It's a small detail i know, but it has potential to really add to the stealthier side to the game that a lot of players would want to explore.
  9. I really love how once you enter Wellington Wells you're greeted with the new threat of Bobbies, but lately while i'm just goofing around in the game i discovered that escaping them is pretty easy by climbing things like short walls and cars and they can't do anything about it. Wellies however can throw rocks at me, which now means i'm actually a bit more wary of wellies rather than Bobbies since they're more difficult to escape. So i was thinking that maybe Bobbies should get an upgrade so that they're more formidable? I think the Bobby baton is the perfect iconic weapon though and giving them a secondary projectile weapon might not suit them, so i was thinking rather than that, they could have the ability to climb, giving them further access to areas Wellies wouldnt be able to follow? i think that could make them more intimidating and inescapable.
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