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  1. Gee, that's encouraging. Programming Team Matt After what feels like a six month break, I am finally finding time to come back to world generation. As you can see from the picture below, world generation is currently done on a whiteboard using diagrams of dubious value. image This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge. You can see a couple of things on here that we’re looking to address. One of these is removing the grid structure and moving to a more natural road structure, and one is bringing back height variation. There are some other hints about future plans, and our relationship with a shadowy worldwide organisation, if you are into that. It’s a bit challenging to show this today because we are not sure whether these will work out. However, if it does, the world should look and play with much greater variation with each playthrough. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to figure something else out. The game quests are broken, the support for the game is appalling, and the team is still all about eye candy. Maybe you need someone in the company with game development and customer support experience.
  2. I'll give it until the end of the year before I share my customer experience with the rest of the world. I hope to have a good one to share by then. Best regards, Pam
  3. "Work on We Happy Few just keeps ramping up (as it has done for 2 years now!), and we are looking to bring on board new permanent team members to become part of the Compulsion team." Hopefully these are talented, bug-fixing programmers. I don't much care about new paisley patterns until the missions work properly. When will that happen?
  4. The forum doesn't work very well, either. But you know that. Just agreeing. It's not about the story or the eye candy, it's the mechanics that build a following and sustainable success. There are many very successful games out there with low graphics (some are even stick figures) and a lame story, but they have a great following and reputation (=MONEY) because they play well and provide an excellent customer experience both in-game and in-web. Seriously - if you can't build a good forum/wiki these days, how much trust can people put in your game programming? And if your game programming doesn't work, how long can you expect people to share that in a broken forum? If your stuff doesn't work, people will lose interest and there will be no positive grassroots recommendations. That's the Alpha and Omega. The money will run out fast if your product doesn't deliver on mechanics and social media. Talented programmers and web scripting gurus would serve you better at this stage than storylines and eye candy if you're looking for sustainability. If you're all just looking for marks on your resume, I suppose this will work. Just sayin'.
  5. It's lovely that you folks are taking trips, telling stories and jokes, attending costume parties and designing more eye-candy. How's the money holding out? I'm still on the same, broken, PC v29962. I just want to complete the missions that are already there. The story is good, the eye-candy is great - but the playability is very broken in my customer experience. Making what's already there work correctly is really what I'm looking for in update news. When will there be an update for the bug fixes on the PC? I really don't see the point in playing anymore until the missions that are already incorporated work correctly.
  6. Every company has a target market. Not everyone gets to be a customer. Adding my opinion, I'd like to see more "inappropriate" NPC names. Ties to reality in games like this lend enrichment.
  7. Oh, wow. I'm playing PC, and I've had the opposite experience. Maybe it's just my searching skills.
  8. ^5, Sam. Well said. I've even had the courage to play Postal 2 without really fretting about it (which fostered much personal research and education). It's not anything like JFK Reloaded (which I think is pretty awesome since discovering it's interesting multi-faceted history). http://images.summitpost.org/original/922943.jpg
  9. Wonderful news! That all sounds amazing! Was the bug report update person on holiday?
  10. Thank you so much for your response. I did notice that. It isn't just the highlighting, it's the results. Mine are better with Google. Mileage may vary. I thought I would share with the community.
  11. Can't Complete Quests: - Where's the Power: I tried to avoid hitting him. The quest will not complete. Unsure if I may have tapped his toe. - Faraday's Workshop: Faraday's head is in the desk every time I encounter her. May be coincidence, but if I tap on the Press Here button to the left of her window a few times she eventually stands up and interacts. She will not speak to me about the filled bucket. Filled it from the place with the bobbies and the corpse. - Crazy Legs: He simply isn't there. - Duck Campfire: The fellow tossed the ducky away, never to be found. I beat the bushes on the entire area. I may be missing something here. No one is at the campfire now, but ghostly voices speak of Duck Stew. - Lillies of the Field: She did not respond when I brought the Lilly bulbs. I did complete this one after returning in a couple of days (both game days and real time) - Biological Hazard: I do not get the option to give him the pill. Oddness: - When I am spotted in the village in a house, they just twitch and the audio goes nuts with them stammering over themselves. I can still move about normally. - If I hit an unexpected key, such as backspace or f12, the game freezes and I must kill the process and restart. - Mouse button 3 produces a "shove" no matter the setting. Wish List: - Wish there was a windowed version - Wish the opening credits were moved to a credits screen - Wish the opening sound track wasn't quite so loud compared to the in-game sound
  12. The search bar link still doesn't work well for me. I have decent results with the Google site search function. Here's how: In the Google search field at http://www.google.com (maybe not the browser address bar, or any other Google search app - results may vary on those), type: site:http://compulsiongames.com/forum Then hit space, and type what you are looking for. Example: site:http://compulsiongames.com/forum faraday
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