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  1. So, I recently played the new Life in Technicolour, and I was very impressed initially! I plan on later giving feedback to the changes. However, there's one crucial problem I've noticed. In game I attempted to change the resolution, not the internal resolution, the actual screen size. After doing so, the game froze completely. And displayed this on my screen. I can only regain control of my PC by opening task manager and force closing the application. I tried to fix it myself for a while. I deleted the config folder in My Games, We Happy Few, Config, and let the game generate a new one. Well, that worked initially, however after going to the options menu to reset my options to my preferences the problem appeared again. I didn't even change anything this time, it just happened. I then attempted to launch another game, Team Fortress 2, the same problem occurred. None of these issues happened before this, so I'm fairly certain something in WHF caused it. It's not just limited to games either, while using my internet browser, Opera the problem is there too. I think the issue has something to do with full screen though I'm not sure. Well, there's my predicament. Sorry to be a downer on the cool new update day. Any advice you can give my to help solve this problem. Thank you for your time. Screenshots of the display when it had frozen. https://ibb.co/ePYh4v - Initial problem. https://ibb.co/dNXv7F - After deleting the config folder. Meanwhile, in the future. After about 4 or 5 hours of tinkering and bobbing, I fixed it. Apparently WHF altered something deep in my graphics card. I was able to solve it. Odd how it happened though.
  2. I had a list of simple questions, don't worry I'm not going to ask anything absurd. (Hopefully.) Firstly, are there any plans to further optimize the game before release? Are there any core game play mechanics to change, or, will the current system be added upon? Are there plans for modding support post-release, if yes, how so? Will there be updates content, and/or patches post launch? Will there be DLC or expansion packs? Finally, how will gameplay in the second half of the story differ from the first half? If at all? If there are any questions you prefer to leave not answered, I understand. Thank you for your time.
  3. Does Arthur wear a happy face? I know, I know, sounds like a dumb thing to ask, it's just in the paper he doesn't, and you'd think that'd give his neighbors a clue or two. Thanks for reading -Christian
  4. Howdy! So, this is my first time really giving feedback to an in-development product so please don't perma-ban me for the mistakes I will surely make This feedback is subjected to 20 hours of gameplay. I may be wrong on several points. Table of contents: Bugs Encounters Gameplay Suggestions. Technical Suggestions. Blue Hello Conclusion [bUGS] So why not start here eh? This seems simple enough. Launch Bug: This is the most frequent bug I see in the game. Upon starting the game audio will play as if everything is fine however the visuals are nowhere to be seen. The program is listed inside of my task bar however. When first getting this bug I resorted to using the task manager to force quit the game and re-launching. Any other attempt to close the program, such as selecting close window on the task bar failed to work. However after waiting a while after the bug occurred the screen appeared on my monitor once the notice screen appeared on my desktop as if it was windowed. (The one that says "Hey you! Read this!' Upon clicking it the program instantly went to full screen and worked as if nothing had happened. I think this is an issue with my fullscreen and resolution options. I'm running full screen, 1280x720 on a 1080p monitor. Lurking About Bug: This happened in my first playthough of the game and threw me off quite a bit. Essentially what happens is all NPCs believed me to be in a state of sneaking while I was standing perfectly fine. This caused some problems with the suspicion AI, and progressed to some "misconceptions" with the lovely townsfolk of the village. This is typically fixed by crouching and crouching though it does not always work. At some times I have to leave an area and return later for the AI to recognize i'm not crouching. I first thought I was simply doing something to stick out, however after hearing lines such as "What're you lurking about for?!" and "Something wrong with your knees?" I came to the conclusion it had to do with sneaking. [Encounters] The encounter side-quest system has been very fun and makes the game extremely less repetitive. Here's a few things I'd like to discuss on it. The Village feels overshadowed: The joy-filled village feels overshadowed to the Garden district to me at the moment. What I mean by this is that there's generally less things to do within the village. This could be due to the fact that the Garden district has two islands where as the village has one. Some quests do feel less interesting. For example the side-quest revolving around the mechanic who's fallen asleep and requires coffee is much less interesting than the one revolving around a group of cultist in a house that requires drugs to get in and no doubt possess some evil entity. My personal take on the solution would be to convert the island that connects the ending where you input Frayday's code into an add on to the village. What seems easiest would be to copy the layouts and themes from the village and paste them in this new area with new side-quests added to the generation code. Or if the resources allow an entire new theme. I hope it doesn't seem as if I'm complaining too much, and I'm not a game designer so feel free to do as you wish in solving this matter. Wow, I really can't think of anything else to say relating to encounters. Moving on then. [Gameplay Suggestions] These are really just some suggestions I have to add to gameplay, I'll try to keep this simple and only mention some basic mechanical changes, I wouldn't want to demand the best game ever on my first post. Throwing bodies out windows: I often find myself scooping about a house when I realize, It's not mine. The screening wellie helped me realize that so after quickly killing them my instincts tell me "Hide the body". But hold on, it's day time, there are people outside that could see me sneaking about. Wouldn't it be a lovely distraction to throw the bodies on the street and watch them flock to it like a moth to a flame? Also this feature will help me continue my campaign in which Arthur is a terrorist killing people to make wellies realize that there are things to be sad about, so there's that. Break into stores: Shop lifting woohoo. I keep seeing these back doors to pawn shops and butcheries and my brain is saying "Go get 'em champ" However on going to get 'em the door is jammed or another building is blocking the way. So I would suggest a way to break in and steal everything the shop owner has. with that red Bobby who always watches guard it'll prove enough of a challenge to get in, and out alive. [Technical Suggestions] In side of this I'll be talking about my ideas on how to make that minimum PC requirements a little less. Poly Count: An option to lower the amount of polygons on all 3-D models would boost performance. This could be done via percentages or however you wish. Foliage: An option to lower the amount of grass, bushes, and etc rendered on screen. This can be done with "foliage.maxtrianglestorender 0" in the console. However it makes trees disappear, despite the fact they still have their collision which makes the console a flawed solution. Island based rendering: An option to not allow rendering any objects on a separate island. This may not work with things such as AI patterns I'm not sure, I don't know much on computer code. Currently this is not the case in game despite there bing load screens between islands as by typing "fly" in the console you can fly over loading zones and everything still renders fine. [blue Hello] So, this is an interesting predicament I hope to get an answer to. While playing I have the dev console enabled to tweak what is rendered (I have an obsession with optimizing games). During normal gameplay I typed in the command "r.screenresolution 60" and as expected the in game render resolution became sixty percent of 1280x720. However right after, in the top left corner of my screen the word "Hello" appeared in blue text. I was unsure what that meant and I still am as to what this means. I checked the console to what command triggered it, though I didn't see anything relating to it. Just "r.screenresolution 60" and below that without a space between the two lines "hello". Nothing game play related changed and blue text never appeared on my screen again. So I'd love to know what how and why to this. Thanks! [Conclusion] Wowee kazowee! I f have finished my first ever post of feedback! I hope this helps In your future endeavors and I also wish this didn't sound too much like a child whining over a video game. Have a lovely day.
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