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  1. That makes sense. Thanks for explaining.
  2. I know you mentioned this a few months back but do you know how long before you improve the graphics and remedy the static environment. I'm playing on the Xbox One and the trees, grass and water have no movement and look very "painting" like. Thanks!
  3. @Naila. Well I've just started a new game after a couple of months away. In my first game I wondered the first garden and could go into almost anything. This time every house I've found has been boarded up. However because no one else has noticed this I must be going mad. I'll have a proper look tomorrow but I'm sure a few months ago when emerging most houses were open whereas they are closed off now.
  4. I'm playing on Xbox. Everything is very static although the lighting effects sometimes make it look like the water is moving from certain angles.
  5. I've only recently come back to this game and have noticed that houses which were once enterable in the Garden District are now boarded up. Why is this? I used to enjoy wondering into other people's homes even if it did all get abit samey after a while.
  6. Overall this is going to look a very beautiful game. Once there's abit more ambient atmosphere making the world come alive more it will hopefully be leading the pack of releases next year. The best thing in open world games is getting the feeling that the Npcs have a life outside of you. The world exists and I'm just a part of it. I think We Happy Few is going along the right lines for this.
  7. Yes I've come back after a few more months and noticed the same. It would also be good if the leaves on the trees moved. The game looks OK but certain things like the trees and water look very static.
  8. Thank I got his drug which I have yet to take. I just thought there was more to Crazy Legs than just looting. Glad I haven't missed anything by killing him.
  9. Thanks for both explanations. So for now in the alpha version it's just the garden district (including Luds Holm) and St George's (Hamlyn village district) that I can explore but the other areas will eventually follow. Sounds great.
  10. Apologies if this has already been discussed but exactly how many districts can I explore in the Alpha version? Will the number of districts increase when the final version is released. Am I right in thinking it is as follows, garden district, Luds Holm , St George's ( Hamlyn) , Ravens Holm and Apple Holm? In total five areas to explore?
  11. I've just killed Eric Liddel with a cricket bat. As the quest asked me to incapacitate him will he respawn or has my murderous deed caused me to fail the quest?
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