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  1. @Naila Thanks! And, well... actually we've only had one person post their entry so far haha ;v; I guess there were one or two anons who sounded interested but I haven't seen anything else yet @Otherbuttons That is 100% True
  2. Here I am once again, I've been a bit quiet because I moved to a new city for studying, I'm studying Illustration & Animation now 'v' Tonight I bring a doodle I did of a younger Arthur reading spooky stories ( as usual the image is a link to the full thing ) ( Also I did see the art contest tweet on twitter, thanks Naila !! )
  3. Or, what I do is climb on one of the rocks near by and when they're all around the rocks trying to get to you just attack them, they can't hit you... but you can ! ( bonus fun is if you throw rocks/bottles/bricks/ducks at near by wastrels and watch the bobbies and the wastrels fight )
  4. @Otherbuttons & @BonBon Thanks ! 'v' And about not being able to draw for the prompts/other events in the blog, that's perfectly fine ! When we started the blog we knew a lot of people would be busy now with school and work ( and anyway if a prompt really catches your interest, you can still draw for it and post it even months after, we'll still reblog it to the blog tbh )
  5. Hmmm well since it's for the contest, I guess it'd be better to link to the unclejackfunhour one o:
  6. @Naila Thank you !! That'd be super nice!! O: If you want to use any pictures feel free to use the banner thing I made for the post, or you can use the full drawing(s) !
  7. Ohhh, looks great !! The mask looks pretty nice too !
  8. Hello ! I was going to write an introduction post but I guess it'd be really short since I'm not good with that, so I'll just introduce myself here - Call me Melon, I'm portuguese and I draw things with my tiny cat hands! I could go on and list what I like but It'd be obvious things like old and new videogames and trying to summon the Migthy Yam gods through a portal If you're on tumblr you might have seen me around the We Happy Few tags, my art blog is melonkind ! I also run the unclejackfunhour blog with 4 other friends ( ^ an actual drawing of me ) These thumbnails will link to their art posts on my blog so you can see the full thing ( so I don't clog the thread with huge images ) ; some of these thumbnails will link to posts with more than one drawing! I tried to organize the thumbnails from the oldest WHF drawing I did to the most recent, so you'll notice the first ones may look a little funny ;v; even now I'm still trying to figure out and decide how I want to draw some characters ( you'll also see some WHF ocs there...! ) If you scroll down and/or click the images in the post in the blog there will be some info about each EDIT: ?? im not sure whats going on but the links don't seem to be working properly for me, tell me if they work for you? Fixed! & some silly doodles/memes I did that I haven't really posted anywhere: * *About the Quail... at 3AM and couldn't stop laughing when they ran towards the camera ( also they are super cute ) ------- Also, some shameless self advertising if that's okay, but I do commissions ! They're closed right now but they'll be re-opening soon Shameless self advertising part 2 ( I'm sorry!! ) except it's not for me it's for our unclejackfunhour blog, we just posted a We Happy Few Halloween Art Contest info post yesterday, essentially you have to make up a scary Wellingtonian story/creature, there will be two winners, if you're interested check it out! ( the image is a link ) ( I was also wondering, I hope the team is okay with this? ) That's all for now, hope you like these ! I may be a bit slow updating here since I haven't had much energy to do much lately
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