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  1. Quite a while back the YouTube channel of Compulsion Games released a new video titled 'Animation - Bayonet Animation'. The video is here: This sparked my interest in this animation. Is it a new enemy type? A nondescript wellie or an encounter you find in the future 'Parade District'? To be honest, I am not really sure if this is a new enemy or a different variant of the typical wellie. But if it is a Soldier enemy, he doesn't appear to be threatening as the Bobbies you find in Hamlyn. I know they are on joy and are suppose to have a friendly approach but you have characters like the Doctor or Police Constables that roam the street at night looking creepy as hell. I'd prefer it if the soldiers had a distinct physical feature about them, maybe being tall, lanky like the Bobbies or strong, macho as a stereotypical soldier to fall into a recognisable category of enemy. I guess I might be overthinking about this too far in depth. I know this is probably just experimental and they might just be a military tattoo NPC that attacks with a bayonet instead of using the firearm. Still, I don't really mind if firearms are a thing or not. People say Britain isn't armed but various individuals up from the highlands then all the way to Ireland are packing. Still, what do you guys think of this?
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