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  1. Thank you for the update! And to my fellow downers, yes I did mean to say additional. Sorry about that.
  2. Hi Compulsion! Great job on the new safe-house in the plague village. I was terrified. A concerning thought though: will there be any storage for this safe-house? I'm pretty much storing things in the dirt piles that are right outside the door. Thanks for your time!
  3. On my end, the ghost did float up quite high, but I was still able to follow her on the ground. Except, I was looking upwards to where she was going and ended up falling off the map. Haha.
  4. Hello Compulsion Team! Just wanted to inform you all of a bug I ran into on the new Maidenholm update. Version: PC/Steam Quest: Walkabout Bug Description: Ghost travels through buildings, but still expecting player to follow right behind; will not continue moving unless player gets closer (I stood on the side of the building that was closest to her floating). Ghost ended up in the sky, and I followed all the way to the edge of the map (and fell in). The grave was on the other end of the island, but the ghost wanted to travel the quickest way there, through the sky/water. Current solution: Start new game and hope that the grave is closer to where the start of the ghost following.
  5. Tried this twice thus far. Finished talking to Faraday and get the bucket and extractor from her, but when I try to give her the filled bucket of moltilene, there is no trigger to be able to put the bucket in the transport tube.
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