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  1. I didn't have much money or time. It was also my first time cosplaying. But this is my attempt. I took a spin on the old lady since I'm nor tall nor skinny. I got recognised quite a lot actually, it was awesome.
  2. Some sidequests (like the toy car one and the house of curious behaviors) do not show up. The toy car prompts the girl but the ghost won't move. The HOCB simply doesn't show and thus faradays quest becomes WAY harder. Speaking of which, fixing the pipe doesn't show up at all either, this prevents me from getting a valve and thus from entering faraday's house. By some "cheating" I managed to get indoors but obviously the quest won't continue. Other than that. Props you you guys, you've made an AMAZING game. You captured the atmosphere of bioshock but really made it your own. I love it. Also it's my first early-access game, but I'm stoked for v1.
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