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  1. Update: Bug #7 and 17 seems to have resolved themselves upon reloading the game. Bug #2 is still happening even after a reload. With bug #10, Mary respawns on the bed, however her husband still won't follow. New Bugs In the Reform Club (not the House of Curiosities, oops) the vent that leads from the closet to the bathroom has some invisible barrier blocking Arthur from entering the bathroom. I had to use ghost mode to get through. When you power up the TV, the fake Uncle Jack gets up from his desk and then *sits* in the doorway. In the minefield quest, unlocking and searching all the chests will not complete the encounter objective. Also, there were no trip wires to disarm. Is this by design?
  2. Hello, I've been playing through the Maidenholm update on the Xbox and have came across quite a few bugs. 1. "Filler" homes in the Garden District are still spawning in the street. 2. Every time I load a new island, Arthur's "oh he has some sort of device..." dialogue from Moon Juice plays. 3. The two Bobbies that guard the moteliene in Moon Juice ignore Arthur after they finish talking. I can walk up to the body and the spill without them detecting me. I'm not sure if this is by design. 4. The exterior walls in some of the newer Wellie village homes (particularly the one with two staircases) is shifted inwards just enough to knock everything out of alignment. This also causes one of the conjoined bedrooms on the top floor to be inaccessible because the walls are blocking the door frames on both entrances. 5. Interacting with the Shibboleth couple during the zombie ambush causes the husband to stand up, which breaks the encounter. The only way to progress is to kill the couple. 6. The Shibboleth encounter spawns in the middle of a concrete path. Not sure if by design. 7. Being caught after curfew by a Bobbie does nothing. They have friendly interaction​s with each other and ignore Arthur. 8. A Bobbie popper spawned in the doorway of the apothecary, which kept Arthur from being able to enter. 9. When carrying Mary from It's a Terrible Life, the husband won't follow Arthur. 10. If you die while carrying Mary, she disappears and the quest cannot be completed. 11. Roger from Dr. Faraday's lab floats in his lounging position if you talk to him. Like, he'll stand up for a brief second before popping back into the lounging position, and then he'll glide to Arthur. After he is done talking to Arthur, he glides back to the bed. 12. Roger doesn't attack if you pick the lock on the storage chest in Faraday's bedroom. 13. The Apple Tree encounter has disappeared...or maybe I just can't find it? 14. Beds placed on exterior walls of homes are spawned in correctly. The headboard is stuck in the wall, which causes NPCs to have their heads stuck in the wall while sleeping. 15. Wellies are up cooking at 3 am. Shouldn't they be sleeping? 16. "Odds and Ends" is stuck as a perpetual tooltip on the map. 17. When wearing Fab threads, Wastrels still make negative comments about Arthur's fancy dress. They don't get suspicious, but they are still salty. 18.The TVs in the village play sound but the screens are black. I believe those are all the bugs I've found so far. I also have a few suggestions for gameplay. 1. Bring back the option to have second wind AND permadeath. I really liked how you could pass out and wake back up with drained health. It made it a challenge to have to quickly heal before you actually died. 2. Finding encounters in the Wellie villages is hard and tedious. It used to be that standing in the vicinity would trigger encounter markers (such as for the House of Curiosities), however, that seems to no longer be the case. I've unknowingly walked past tons of encounters but didn't have them appear in my journal. After a couple hours of walking around aimlessly in the village islands, I started to get bored. 3. Give the option to change the font size on the journal entry texts. I would love to read the lore, but it's such an eye strain. 4. Consider rebalancing the Downer gameplay style. Arthur is getting attacked by Wastrels for seemingly just breathing on them. I don't see the point of wearing the torn suit/Fab threads if the Wastrels will still be aggressive towards you. The Wastrels also attack in gangs of 4-6. This seems like behavior more suited for the Vigilante gameplay style and takes the fun out of combat. 5. The new bridge names make it hard to figure out which island you're going to. Can you bring back "Enter ____ Holm" when you go to cross a bridge. Or, add island labels to the map. 6. Unless I missed something, access to a chemical lab is denied until you get to the safe house in Maiden Holm (I think...). That was an awful long time to go without the ability to craft key medicines like the plague vaccine and/or antiseptic.
  3. The text size for action text (Press the X or Y button) on the xbox is extremely small since the new update. So small that I have to play the game sitting on the sofa ottoman pushed up to the TV. Is there any way to make the text bigger? Or, am I overlooking that setting?
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but I am on Xbox One. I do have the game on my PC, I can speed play and see if the error replicates itself there.
  5. I still have the bug...gltch...fatal error...where after exiting the House of Curiosities, the game crashes within seconds. Also, when I enter the "shock room" people get suspicious and attack. Even though I'm dressed in fetish gear. Lastly, the Madame doesn't really talk to me. Her dialogue plays but her lips don't move, she stands there frozen with a creepy grin on her face. She also immediately goes back into normal crier mode after "speaking".
  6. I believe that quest was the same cause for my issue! I made it a point to save the game while in the Hamlyn Village safe house. However today when I loaded it again, the game started in that exact same spot with the exact same issue as I initially described. This time I was able to get a look at the subtitles and it was indeed the woman from Give a Pig a Pancake asking for her diary....even though she was nowhere near me. ETA Since, I originally saved in the Hamlyn safe house, my character was still on joy and in his Proper Suit. Because the game somehow loaded me the garden district, the wastrels are now suspicious and attacked me as soon as I exited the conversation mode.
  7. I saved and exited the game while Arthur was outside on the streets of the Garden District. When I loaded the game again, the camera was stuck to the side of the building (as if it was from the perspective of a security camera attached to the side of a house). The top and bottom edges of the screen were black, so I assume that Arthur may have been stuck in conversation mode. In fact, when I pressed a button, at the bottom right corner a message saying "Hold B to Skip" popped up. After I held down B, the game went back to normal. I am on Xbox One with the latest build.
  8. Huh...all this time I thought that was part of the intro lol
  9. ^ That happens to me, too. My game normally crashes shortly thereafter.
  10. That shop door leads to an unfinished apartment space. You can use the ghost cheat to go inside.
  11. I know from experience that if you walk by the OD'd wellie without helping him the first time, he'll disappear next time you come across that area. Also, the vomiting Wastrel from the Toxic Waste (Biohazard? I forgot what it's called) quest never appears for me, but only when I have the Lud's Bridge gate encounter, not the Honey crossing.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I am playing the game on the Xbox. This error has occurred recently on a new save on the version before the Sept 16th patch (since you guys postponed the update for Xbox). However, this has happened a couple of times on older versions, too. As soon as the update rolls out for Xbox, I'll be sure to look out for the bug again.
  13. I've done a few play throughs on Xbox, and one of the sure fire signs that the game is about to crash is when I load a Garden District map (including Lud's and Raven's Holm) and all of the searchable plants are empty. The first time this happened was in the main Garden District map. I looked all over for Gilead petals only to realize that all of the rose bushes (as well as Blue Currant bushes and Rowan Berry bushes) were empty, even though I know I had not looted them all. About a minute later the game crashed to the home screen. The same thing happened again in Raven's holm. I went to gather more supplies only to find all the bushes were gone...and then the game crashed again. This only happens every once in a blue moon, but when I do notice it, I quickly exit to the main menu and reload to avoid a crash.
  14. I don't know if this is part of the glitch, but once I give the bobby alcohol and he stumbles away, if I attack him he won't fight back, just keep stumbling.
  15. A few days ago, I completed the House of Curious Behaviors quest and then unlocked the second weapon slot with the Holster Expansion pick up. Within a few seconds, the game froze, made a loud buzzing sound, then crashed. I tried to reload the game but every time I did, either it would load successfully but then crash seconds later, or just crash at the loading screen, period. Today I tried the quest again with a new save but this time I picked up the holster expansion, first, before continuing with the quest. I exited to the main screen to save my progress just in case it decided to crash. When I tried to reload, it crashed at the loading screen. I tried to load again, and I got past the loading screen only to have the game freeze again. Also, for the times I was able to get the game to reload, the people inside the house immediately became suspicious of me, even though I had the rubber suit on and the Madame told me to get out. Since the game seems to crash immediately after getting the holster expansion, I am starting to think its not the quest but the holster expansion itself. ETA - I'm on Xbox
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