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  1. I think the data on the current non white population in britain is probably outdated, especially since they've had a huge flux of migration within the last couple years. To say the least, unless there was severe ethnic cleansing, it wouldn't be too far out to see people of color in the game. though the game is basically loosely related to real life history, it has enough fantastical elements that it really wouldn't be too far out of reach to add some non white people into the game. I feel the excuse of real life is shallow at best when we have our characters popping a completely mind altering substance. Unless they bring it up as a plot point, which I would find interesting, if a bit poorly timed. The children thing is cool though! I didn't know if it was on purpose or from lack of implementation. I just found it rather startling t hat all these people were talking about children and there wasnt one to be seen.
  2. I assume that there are a limited amount of npc skins because it's early in the game development, but i think its noticeable to me mostly because everyone is white? Great Britain has always had a large variance in ethnicities because of their colonialism, and that really didn't change much post ww2. Do you think we should be seeing a wider variety of npcs going forward? Do you think it will or won't be addressed? Also I saw another discussion about this, but the lack of children is a bit unnerving as well, especially since in the Garden District there is always the wastrel saying " Tiny toys and tiny beds...." I don't know, any opinions?
  3. No, I havent had any any problem with crashing since and I've been playing pretty consistantly. I'll check the graphics card again, but it's new and updated recently because my boyfriend was having problems playing some other games prior to us buying we happy few : ) No reason to be sorry! I just hadn't seen any posts pertaining to the First Marraige quest ( sorry if there is and I missed it ) and I just wanted to bring it up. I know u guys are working hard and I'm really enjoying the game! Thank you!
  4. When I was completing poisoned wastrel in my first play my pc crashed ( for unrelated reasons) when I started it up again the sick wastrel was asking me for the neximide again when I was supposed to have the map and the quest log said I was supposed to be doing something else. I could not give him the neximide. I restarted the game, i think it was probably just because of the pc crash messed up the save. I don't know if it was worth bringing up. I finished the First Marriage Quest and when I tried to claim the reward from the chest that isn't supposed to explode, I died. None of them were safe. Couldn't tell if that's how it's supposed to be, but there was a chest that I couldn't interact with and when I logged in again the next day to play the npc was back there prompting for the quest again? So I'm not sure if that's broken. Sorry if neither of these are a big deal, first time giving feedback for an early access game.Gonna go restart my game again and play some more : ) Thank you.
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