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  1. I've noticed that the crafting recipes on the We Happy Few wiki is very outdated, therefore I'm introducing this thread where people can tell others their own crafting recipes. I won't be putting some very obvious recipes, but if you want them, someone in the thread can help you. Survival: Jerky- 1x Rotting Meat 1x Saltpeter Pure Water- 1x Water Filter 1x Tap Water Medicated Balm- 2x Rowan Berry 2x Gilead Petal Sandwich- 1x Bread 1x V-Meat Outfits: Fab Threads- 1x Proper Suit 2x Sewing Kit 3x Fine Linen Rubber Cat Suit- 4x Shredded Raincoat 1x Sewing Kit Boiler Suit- 2x Canvas Scrap 1x Sewing Kit Spiky Suit- 1x Padded Suit 2x Sewing Kit 2x Metal Bits 4x Canvas Scrap Tools: Electro Lock Shocker- 2x Mechanical Bits 1x Metal Bits 1x Duct Tape 1x Constable Keycard Polarity Device- 2x Mechanical Bits 2x Metal Bits 1x Power Cell 1x Constable's Keycard Weapons: For Weapons, making black powder can result in unlocking these recipes, along with collecting sugar Chemicals: Yams and Black Powder should unlock almost everything If you need a recipe, feel free to ask, this should be a thread with lots of replies, and if you see something that I haven't fully addressed then respond to the thread.
  2. -The "Bench Glitch" which I'm sure everyone knows about -In the Mysterious House encounter, you can be spotted even when you're in a closed room or not in AI's line of sight -In Blood In the Streets encounter, a polarity device doesn't need to be used to complete the quest, using a clever trap tool results in a completed objective for "reverse the polarity", also bobbies tend to get stuck in walls or spawn in absurd places -Jubilators and Joy booths spawn in air or on benches -Save files can glitch and no longer cue cinematic mode when talking to someone during an encounter, also in rare situations, certain areas of St. George's Holm can't be accessed without the game crashing -Audio can sometimes cut in and out -The I Sing Electric encounter is borderline unbeatable -The Slaughterer's Apprentice encounter can glitch and prevent you from sabotaging the machine resulted in the quest being unbeatable -In the Old Soldiers encounter, the antique gun can't be placed over the mantel -In the Biological Hazard encounter, the NPC won't take the Neximide pill -In the OD Wellie encounter, the NPC can't be injected unless you back up a certain distance, if you're too close it shows a "Give 45 Record" command -Metal Shutters are very abnormal and usually don't work properly (shutting at random times) -The game crashing is much more frequent If I remember any more glitches I'll add it to this thread, while I have had to start a new game 4 times now, I do have to say this game is incredible and worth the frustration.
  3. Same thing happened to me, this encounter is extremely bugged, you're supposed to slowly walk up the stairs and you'll see Mrs. Chaney working at a desk.
  4. -Bright white shapes briefly pop up on screen when in a safe house -Disabling the peeper at night can glitch the encounter "Where Have I Buried?" -The bobby by Moon Juice Leech can't be tempted with scotch -During the encounter of "Mothers Little Helper", right before Mrs. Chaney scares the ever loving crap out of you, her player model can be briefly seen on the bed (standing up, arms spread apart) -Walking through Mrs. Chaney's house can alert NPC's outside (when they shouldn't be able to see you) -When crossing the bridge to Maidenholm's Island, the symmetrical staircase that's split into two has an invisible box blocking the middle of each staircase (not game breaking, just weird and can be jumped over or walked around) -Toxic fog seems to cover up a much bigger area then it should when you're standing inside of it -Frame rate issues galore -Wearing fab threads can cue nasty dialogue from wastrels
  5. -Wellies, and very rarely wastrels, will sometimes not go to sleep between 11 pm and 7 am. They will either be stuck or continue to loop dialogue with the other people in the house -Once in a while AI will be able to go through the textures of the walls making it somewhat difficult and frustrating to kill them -Constables have significantly changed. It's very common to have a constable glitch out when giving them alcohol. One of three things will happen when giving a constable alcohol. One: They will act normally when given alcohol by having a drunk animation and roaming around. Two: They will enter the drunken animation briefly then spring back up, the constable will then drop one or two items. Three: The constable will never assume the drunken position but will start to slightly levitate without moving any of his limbs in a mobile direction. The can happen at the Moon Juice Leech encounter when giving the constable, who's examining the body, alcohol. -Bathtubs commonly generate in an awkward position in the Wellies houses, the bathtub rotates and juts through the wall and the shower curtain, this results in certain AI getting stuck and most likely leads to the first problem listed above due to AI trying to start a conversation with each other when they be sleeping. -Sometimes when using the map a black box with the title of an area will be stuck next to your pointer.
  6. -The text bubble "Digging Location" will follow you all over the map
  7. Note: Sorry if I repeat anything, ???= (I'm not sure if this was intended or is a glitch) -Some objectives, even though completed, won't be check marked, this'll happen in missions like "Crazy Legs" and "Sweets" -Very rarely, suspicion from Wellies will be inevitable -If a NPC is woken up, they stand up in their bed, their feet will stick through the bed -If your game crashes and your last save point was from scavenging a car, you could fall through the map and die, no matter how many times you restart the game (This happened to me in the "Blood in the Streets" area) -Very rarely, the downer detector near the "Blood in the Streets" area will disappear, leaving an invisible doorway that's impossible to get through -The quest "Mushroom Log" is glitched and won't let you pick up the stuff that is left behind -"The Alter of the Yam" is by far the most broken quest, the quest can crash your game and ruin your save file (restarting the game won't stop the file from crashing). If the game crashes in the middle of the quest, NPC's will turn hostile when you load the game back up. Daytime can interrupt the quest and make the characters disappear. Even if you manage to get far enough, on some cases, you won't be able to pick up the book or the yam -The NPC's in "Mystery House" (yea, yea, I know) are glitched. Sometimes you can perform a takedown on them and sometimes when you're crouched behind them, they'll spot you regardless -When shopping for an item the price of certain items will disappear and reappear uncontrollably (# of sovereigns -/+ price of item) -In certain shops, the red Bobby and store clerk won't react when you attack the red Bobby -??? The quest "Cult of Jack" can be completed without having to get a power cell, (simply by killing the wastrels and opening the chests) -Tracking objectives are still a hassle -In the quest "Biological Hazard", on certain occasions, you won't be able to give the man a Neximide Pill -Sometimes, the traps in Faraday's workshop will lose their doors, this makes it impossible to disarm the traps or reverse their polarity -??? Filling up buckets with Moteline; while wearing a worker's outfit; will still increase suspicion -Subtitles have multiple typos and don't correlate with dialogue -If a person's dialogue is interrupted by a loading zone, the subtitles will overlap the tips and hints on screen -??? Wellies will fall asleep with pipes in their mouth -If the NPC from "OD Wellie" dies, the body will disappear and suspicion will be raised when you go near the quest, the OD Wellie can be given other syringes that don't have any effect, yet it will still be taken from your inventory -Crafting an antiseptic will not only take your pure water, but your canteen
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