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  1. In a previous playthrough, I could have sworn I had my permadeath setting off (pretty sure I did unless it always resets to "permadeath on" betwen playthroughs) and yet I died permanently. Fast forward after a few restarts, I'm on this playthrough with permadeath off, and I die once, hold my breath hoping I respawn, and I do. *phew* but now I'm concerned, whether there is only a certain number of recoveries/respawns you get, even with permadeath off. Anyone experience a permadeath even with that function off? How many times do I get to go on holiday before I never come back? 0_0
  2. In the garden district and other downer area, crafting materials respawn for me. In previous updates they would respawn like craaazy and there were tons, now i think they don't at such high rates though. I think berries respawn too (the blue currants and yellow rowan berries).
  3. This is the list of problems I’ve encountered in the game I got the furthest. Sorry it’s a little lengthy. I’ve since had to restart because of my game freezing when loading other islands. Quest Bugs Mushroom Log- I was unable to collect some of the mushrooms (wouldn't highlight when scanning over them) each night I went to try the quest again. It changed every night which ones I could pick up and not. The couple didn’t leave any “gear” behind to collect either. Spring Cleaning – I picked up Mrs. Strokes, but had to put her down inside the safe house before leaving it and couldn’t pick her up again. After leaving and coming back to the safe house, she’s hanging again, from an invisible rope, and I can't carry her again. That quest is incomplete because of that. Cult of Jack – I’ve completed the quest objectives and both have green checks, but it remains in the section with incomplete quests. Haute Cuisine – The captive is nowhere to be found and the baddies that hold him were missing until I left that island and reloaded it a few times. Altar of the Yam – when I observe the ceremony, the quest remains incomplete. There’s no interaction with the “priest” either. Not sure what's supposed to happen exactly, but the quest won't complete itself when I do the objective. Mysterious Chest – Although I did the quest, it is still marked incomplete (no green check) but it’s in the quest log with other completed quests. Whenever I pass the mysterious chest, the quest is highlighted again with an exclamation point as if there was a new objective, but none appears. Loading/Crashing After the update, I couldn’t load other islands when trying to leave the starting zone. The loading screen freezes and the loading bar doesn’t move. After the update, entering the starting zone safe house restarted my day count to Day 1, loaded me like when you first start the game (i.e. beat up by the bobbies, waking up in bed), and rerolled my safe house so that now there’s no Mrs. Stokes at all and a different layout. Same map, all quests and inventory were intact though. Re-entering the safehouse after saving outside, the personal safe still can’t be opened.
  4. In case that isn't clear, this happens when I select an item to move it around my inventory or safe. With an item selected, holding LT makes all the items show that I have one of them, and holding RT shows them as half. When I release they're all back to their actual numbers. I'm wondering why that is or what the point is. Maybe it's obvious and I'm just not getting it. Has anyone noticed it/figured it out?
  5. I haven't been able to find a search bar to search through the posted discussions. If it exists, sorry, and where the heck is it? If not: I think that would be helpful so that we can look for posts related to our problems. That way there may be less repeat postings for bugs/ideas etc., and we might be able to find whatever fixes there may be for our issues.
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