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  1. I think it may be fixed? Started a new game a couple days ago and I can take both the yam and the book.
  2. I came back to the area at night time where you find her old toy car and I popped a Joy. I saw her ghost and I think she's supposed to be running somewhere but she's staying exactly in the same spot haha.
  3. tec: I started a new game after August 18, is that the update you're talking about? Stephanie: thanks I will! In the meantime I may start another game just to see if that fixes it.
  4. Hi, this only started happening a half hour ago. I was in the Wellie area and being chased by cops when the game suddenly shut down. No error windows or anything popped up. I restarted the game twice and both times my game loaded to (I assume) the most recent checkpoint, then shuts down again. I am on PC and got the game through steam. Anyone else having this problem?
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