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  1. Okay so before the updates, you used to be able to kill the honey guy because he would take all your honey every darn time you had to go through the gate. Now you can't??? Anyone have any tips???
  2. I tried the shop and until yesterday, I wasn't able to buy things at the treehouse. I ended up restarting the game though, and she actually gave it to me this time
  3. Oh mine did that too, I had to start over! And love birds never worked for me either
  4. I managed to finish the game but like 90% of the side missions wouldn't work so they are still open lol
  5. Being able to set a way point would be nice, or at least having a map onscreen or something. Also the fact that it doesn't pause while you're looking at your map or doing stuff is really crappy, because you spend a lot of your time in your inventory, crafting and stuff. Time goes by so quickly, that by the time youre finished crafting something, its too late to be out so you have to wait til morning. I absolutely love the fact that whenever you start over, the world is completely different. Everyone has a different experience, and there are unlimited decisions.
  6. Hey! I'm on day 75 on my first play through on xbox one, and I have a case of the Disappearing Faraday. She was stuck in a wall downstairs, and managed to give me the first mission with the bucket and Mobile news extractor, but once I got all that stuff, it checked it off on the list and gave me the new objective of extracting the advanced mechanical parts with the gyro-extractor. The thing is, I never talked to her, never got the extractor, I went to her lab to find her and ask, she's nowhere to be found, and I tried extracting the parts, but it just says I need the extractor. Where in the world do i get this thing? I've spent 20 days looking for it all over the maps. Thanks guys! Happy gaming!
  7. I have this same issue! Faraday used to be stuck partially out of the wall, above the bed downstairs. I talked to her and got the first mission, completed it, and went back but she was gone. The love birds mission doesn't work, the blood in the streets mission doesn't work, none of the missions I've tried to complete work. Excited for the update!
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