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  1. No worries I'm not bothered by it since I still get to keep playing, my fiance just has to wait and be patient muahahaha!
  2. Just finished my current game this afternoon and I'm going to wait for the xb1 update before I start a new one! Fingers crossed it comes through soon
  3. I was indeed logged in as well. But we're both usually logged in and we haven't encountered this problem before.
  4. Hi all I have been loving this game (clocking a few hours almoat every day) and my partner has been watching. Today he wanted to give it a try so he logged into our xbox on his own profile... and it loaded my playthrough. We thought it was an xbox glitch and restarted the machine twice but it did the same thing both times. He has settled for waiting till he can start his own game without discarding mine but i hope he doesnt have to wait too long!
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