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  1. "To access this build, change to the preview branch on Steam (right click on We Happy Few in your Library -> Properties -> Betas tab -> select preview from the drop down list)." That pull down does not give me any options. The box says "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" and clicking the down arrow has no affect. There is a 'Enter beta access code to unlock private betas:' box but I've never received a beta code.
  2. I use to be able to make a pump repair kit but I just noticed it's now missing. It seemed to go missing after I learned some additional recipes and I wonder if it got dropped off a limited size list or something.
  3. When is the full game due to come out anyway?
  4. I've reversed polarity in a number of houses and it nearly always gets reset after a while even though no NPC could possible get to the panel. Polarity reversals should stick.
  5. Seems like they only have one of each item to buy and I've NEVER seen them restock...or the frequency is just insanely low. Also the option says 'Barter' but they don't actually allow you to barter, only buy with coin. Would be nice to sell all the junk that is largely worthless. In order to try and increase respawn of items I loot everything then just discard it on the floor or ground.
  6. A few items that have respawn frequencies that are too low: 1. water canteens - these get mysteriously used up when making certain items that need water and the respawn frequency is just too low. I've made some medicine in large quantities a number of times then went to refill my canteens and they were all gone! Took forever to find even just a few. 2. metal pieces - used in many recipes, respawn too low 3. mechanical parts - used in MANY CRITICAL recipes and respawn WAY too low 4. ALL items sold by vendors NEVER get restocked! The following items spawn far too frequently for the little use they have: 1. bottles - useless for the most part for the insane respawn rate. Maybe make refillable with water and usable like a canteen? Even though they take up twice the space at least there are plenty of them. 2. pill bottles, syringes, splinters, feathers - hardly ever use them for the crazy respawn rate
  7. Same here, I couldn't fix the valve because the assistant took it and just wanted another. The shop where I bought one no longer had any for sale and has never restocked. So I killed the assistant, took the key and now Faraday never shows up at the window.
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