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  1. I see so many dig spots, but every time I encounter one with a shovel I can't dig ? Is this a bug? Thanks!
  2. It would be more helpful if there were two storage units in each safe house. Also, where can I find the expanding slots ? Are they only found in Wellington wells?
  3. It's hard to explain, but I couldn't find a home when I crosse the bridge to a continuation of Wellington wells. It was a bridge that didn't require entrance you just walk though and it saves your game. It's the map you can buy the pipe valve. Is there a safe home here or am I missing it?
  4. Ok so how do you expand your inventory in a faster manner than I have been doing it? I can never find the expansions fast enough and I've never been able to unlock another weapon slot. How can I do that? Also on the bridge where they diagnose whether you have plague or not, are you able to kill the man up top through the glass? Thanks!
  5. Any updates on when Xbox will have the new update? I'm super anxious and excited for it !!!
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