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  1. You need to be on Joy and it has to be past 11:00pm. When the gate opens walk all the way to the right over a couple of rocks. There should be another door that is locked, you sneak in through the window next to it. Once you're in, find the linen and then come back out the same way you came.
  2. That's pretty helpful but thank you for telling me. One other question...... Is the PC version of this game more updated than the XBOX ONE? Like is there more quests and the game is more fully complete?
  3. Hello, I'm at this quest and it says rescue the chef but the chef is dead in the ground. Can i just skip this quest? Or is it important?
  4. I feel like Joy should last longer. In my opinion it goes away way too quick and especially when you go over the bridge through the Joy detector into the town. You can't explore much because your Joy goes down too fast before you eventually almost run out to where you can't leave.
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