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  1. @fromthewoods does this go for the Xbox one version as well? I see a lot of people on here mentioning steam but not Xbox. Do they both get the updates at the same time? Or does Xbox lag behind?
  2. Blood in the streets quest-I powered the downer detector and went through, didn't update the objective. I didn't know what to do once I got in there so I disabled the traps and killed the guards. I pulled the alarm on the other side of the wall and it checked that off as an objective I didn't even have yet. Then a few minutes later, it said I failed not setting off the downer detector. Can't remember the name, but the guy that needs the pipe-I found the hammer pipe, now he won't talk to me. Can't give him the pipe.
  3. Anyone else have issues with this mission? First, the valve I spent 50 on disappeared when I gave it to the man at the entrance, then I decided to wing it by killing him, taking the key and going in. I disabled the traps and now I can't get into the actual workshop behind metal bars. There is a lot of interesting stuff but I can't find a way in. It says I'm supposed to talk to Faraday so I figured this is where I could find her. Not asking for someone to hold my hand, just a hint if I'm on the right track or if it's a broken mission.
  4. @drj2294 I agree with all of your points, especially the food. Sure, food is plentiful throughout the world but you have to eat soooo much in such a short period of time. I think it does deplete too fast.
  5. Yes. It is hard to learn about the story when all you have time to do is eat, drink and sleep. Glad to hear it is being addressed in the next update.
  6. @JollyJack I encountered the same after killing all of them. Also, I tried to hide their bodies, but after moving a few of them, they reappeared right where they died. Lol
  7. @jay0161 Yeah I feel the same. I can't explore much for needing to find food all the time. If the game was solely about survival, like the long dark, this would work. But with environmental story telling, it's difficult to immerse yourself in the world they created.
  8. I want to start with the positive. I love the setting, the concept, the graphics, and most of the gameplay. However, the survival elements seem out of place, sort of just slapped in. You have this rich world with environmental story telling, but I can barely explore for having to shove food down my throat. Most of my time is spent scavenging. If you are unwilling to remove that aspect, maybe have the option to either turn it off, adjust the speed at which the meter decreases, or have some character progression to make the meters deplete slower. Next, custom waypoints would be nice. I know glitches are expected, but I want to list a couple because they were very annoying. Example, in a mission to get a valve for Faraday's workshop, I worked hard to earn the money to buy one, gave it to the guy, it disappeared from my inventory but he didn't acknowledge that I gave it to him. Also, when traveling between areas, some of the buildings and people never loaded, only for the game to stop about ten minutes later to load them up. I'm not sure if this is a part of the game, but every time I try to travel to this particular area, a big room that says something about infection detected, with a Bobbie behind glass on an upper level, I get stuck and have to die to get out. Overall I'm really enjoying it but can see myself getting fed up if a lot isn't fixed. Hopefully you guys will address these issues because I am excited about this game.
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