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  1. Pretty sure I picked up the corpse in the beginning of the game in the Safe House and threw it on my bed to go to sleep.
  2. Start using that ban hammer and member post delete database tricks! Go Go go
  3. ...smh... so that should break/glitch a quest? At any rate, I quit and restarted the game, it brought my back to the beginning of the quest when I saved so all is well. Just a heads up to look at.
  4. In the second town, where you help a man take his wife out of the quarantine zone by carrying her, I was unable to complete the mission or even continue it with these series of events. - I was wearing a proper suit, and was attacked while carrying his wife in the streets, I had also popped a Joy for preparation for the gate. - When I was attacked, it restarted the male NPC to request 2 proper suits and sunshine pills again. - When I brought her body to the Gate, and dropped her, I could not pick her back up... Any mobs within about a 20 meter radius of the building had no action(s) that could be done on them. The NPC man was also TAKEN down from behind while I was fighting via me on accident, this also broke the quest as he would not move again. Possible Solutions: Reset the Quest NPC location and 'setting' on a timer if the wife's body is dropped for more than say 1 minute? OR Make AI unnoticeable to you when you carry said NPC. Otherwise, enjoying the game and trying to make it as far as I can.
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