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  1. So today when I started a new game I had something happen...I know you'll call me crazy but just hear me out. The ground disappeared. One moment I'm underground away from all the craziness and when I go up the ladder BAM, no ground. Now The roads are there and so are the building, plants, grass and sidewalks. But only the dirt has disappeared. I don't know what has caused this alarming turn of events but it has quite shaken me. If possible would someone be able to return my lovely dirt to me. I swear I'll stop taking so much joy from now on...scouts honor. (Please...I'm scared)
  2. @fromthewoods Yeah it is. Its just little things that i discover that would be nice to be able to notate somehow...if not on the map then maybe a personal journal of sorts.
  3. Sweet!!! There are so many little things that i want to go back to but forget where they are.
  4. So my specs are: (Alienware Alpha) Intel Core i3-4130T @2.90GHz 8GB Ram Nvidia GPU 2.0GB 1TB Hybrid Drive I have my settings at medium and I get on average 45-50 fps dipping down to the low 30's if its foggy with a lot of action. Still playable just will get some drops here and there but I feel like that will only improve with optimization and such.
  5. Hi, Hello or however one starts these. I wish to provide to constructive feedback in which to make an already amazing alpha even better. You see, there are a lot of important or just plain interesting sights to see in this wonderful world but sometimes I get lost (or just plain forget where they are). So in the off chance this may be read would it be possible to add something to be able to notate where these places are. Maybe even be able to add a small note onto that marking so I know what it is exactly (beside something that caught my eye). I believe that this little function can add so much to the exploration (or to some downers something to clutter their map with). So I beseech thee, please find it in your heart to allow us this little nicety in this already dreary world. Or perhaps...you didn't take enough joy yet? But really I think I would be a good Idea to be able to have some sort of custom way-point system (even if it is a minimal style of one) or a journal that you can write down your findings. A grid system that you can toggle on and off would be a nice touch if you need to use a journal to keep track of everything. Or if allowed to mark things on the map mark it with a pencil that you find (or are given). So thanks for reading this and remember, ALWAYS take your daily dose of Joy everyone. That includes you, cause no one likes a downer. P.S. If this was already stated in the forum somewhere I'm super sorry. Its early in the morn and I wanted to bring this up while it was fresh on my mind after playing for a bit.
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