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  1. If I may add some glitches of my own:


    -Sometimes when I have bottles in my inventory they won't combine. Like, dropping a bottle onto another bottle to make a stack, both bottles will remain a single item and the one I picked up will go back to where it was initially.


    -One one occasion during the Running Man quest, I caught up to him to see him not moving at all (except for this mouth when he says his saying). I couldn't lock onto him with thrown objects and hitting him with manually aimed thrown objects did nothing.


    -During the beginning part of the SAE quest, the one to retrieve the doll, I would get to the top of the doll house just to see the doll lying on the ground out of its chair. When I picked it up the can traps still activated like normal.

  2. @impo, I'm on the Xbox version and the only "lock-on" I've ever seen was a red circle appearing around NPCs when I had rocks active. I agree some form of locking on would benefit the melee combat. I really love how multiple NPCs try to flank. A lot of games have made claims about "smart AI" and such in combat but this is really the first time I've seen smart group melee combat thinking from the computer.

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