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  1. It looks like the wiki support is nonexistent (on the fanbase's part). What I have yet to see is a multitool. You need multitools to disarm the banger traps in the cellars but I've not seen a multitool through four different districts.
  2. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with a thread that demands the developer fix the bugs in their game but then levels cheap insults at said developer?
  3. If I may add some glitches of my own: -Sometimes when I have bottles in my inventory they won't combine. Like, dropping a bottle onto another bottle to make a stack, both bottles will remain a single item and the one I picked up will go back to where it was initially. -One one occasion during the Running Man quest, I caught up to him to see him not moving at all (except for this mouth when he says his saying). I couldn't lock onto him with thrown objects and hitting him with manually aimed thrown objects did nothing. -During the beginning part of the SAE quest, the one to retrieve the doll, I would get to the top of the doll house just to see the doll lying on the ground out of its chair. When I picked it up the can traps still activated like normal.
  4. @impo, I'm on the Xbox version and the only "lock-on" I've ever seen was a red circle appearing around NPCs when I had rocks active. I agree some form of locking on would benefit the melee combat. I really love how multiple NPCs try to flank. A lot of games have made claims about "smart AI" and such in combat but this is really the first time I've seen smart group melee combat thinking from the computer.
  5. As my first post, just wanna say I absolutely love WHF so far (missing elements notwithstanding). Something I can think of for the map would be for quest locations to be taken off the map once the related quest is complete. Like once I grab the doll for the SAE, the doll house should lose its' quest marker on the map.
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