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  1. Greetings, I have experienced several bugs and glitches on today's playthrough. Firstly, item from previous alpha release would not stack with items from this update in inventory. Secondly, a game with permadeath turned off and started in the previous alpha release, had a permadeath. New playthrough started. Quest glitches galore upon second wind failure. Instead of going into the near death state, the characters I was fighting vanished, and health was at 0. This happened after grabbing the duck in the stew quest. Funny notation, when the chef disappeared, his hat hung in the air, and stayed the entire playthrough, it did not vanish, I had a good laugh. The ghost at the circle tree park... Took joy, and she never ran. I went to grave, with rusty shovel, because an icon appeared there as a dig site, indicator was over spot to dig, but the character would not dig, and the option was not provided. I found a map that a character was worshiping, I picked it up, and went to the site it said to dig at. No indicator was found, and no option to dig was provided. Mushroom log.. Mushrooms would not re-spawn properly most of the time. Only after save and reload. Items were never dropped by couple. Mines in minefield would re-spawn. I apologize I did not take better notes. I was playing just for fun, until the game was very broken and progression on that save seemed irrelevant. Playthrough terminated, and will be making a new game tonight. I will keep better notes and make another post once I have experienced another batch of glitches. I am hopeful this helps in development of the game's stability, and am proud to be helping Alpha test this wonderful game on Xbox.
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