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  1. Walking through the Downer district, I was trying to think of more idle actions the NPCs could be taking to make the area seem more immersive. It then occurred to me: No one is smoking. This is a slum full of strung out, mega-depressed, squatters. It's like the only recreational activity they have. Not to mention it's the 60s - everyone was smoking. I think it would be a great and relatively easy addition to give all NPCs, including the Wellington Wells folks, some sort of cigarette smoking animation as it would create a more believable (if somewhat hazier) atmosphere. Also, some other things to consider that would naturally take more time to develop, but would give smoking more context in the world: A "brand" with advertisements, posters, n such Cigarettes as a usable item with some effect on the player (perhaps shortening Joy withdrawal time?) As a giftable item Also, also, I'm really enjoying the game so far and can't wait to see what it transforms into over the next several months. Thanks, Devs.
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