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  1. Been playing off and on since 2016. Between May, being the last time I played a bit and today, starting over brand new, I am so impressed! The game looks beautiful! I am enjoying the quests, and just exploring the area. The only complaint I can say is that the crafting/item menus can be a bit confusing at first, and it seems a tad difficult to find items needed to fulfill a quest requirement. In a honesty though, I am so happy with the game and I feel honored to have gotten to play throughout development. Seeing a game evolve and take shape like this is amazing. Great work to everyone! So worth the money I paid to play early.
  2. I must say I am loving this game. I have noticed that the map system seems a little off, and have noticed some glitches while in combat. However, I love how the game challenges you and makes you think and strategize. Some of the quests are quite confusing, but I am conflicted about whether simplifying the map or quests would take away from the game or not. I do love the game and am highly impressed with it. Great job so far!
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