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  1. I haven't seen anyone say anything about this. I first saw this when an update was announced, among those updates was something along the lines of "New greeting dialogue" I've never seen anyone talk about this. So I'm going to assume its a n Easter egg. correct me if I'm wrong. (Can be found down the hall from Arthur's office during prologue)
  2. So, this is something I reported WAY back in 2016. It can be seen during the E3 trailer (2016) and in game. After exiting Arthur's office, you walk through the office to the room with the pinata. If you pay attention to the door handle, it changes. Before entering the cut scene, it's a knob, but, upon the scene starting, it changes to a pull bar.
  3. So, I'm just walking around, looking at the game as it is right now to get hyped for the new, story based version in 6 days. Then this happened, I'm assuming its just a rendering bug that has something to do with the character being rendered with the rotation being off from the bench's origin roataion
  4. I went to the Kickstarter and saw that the money had made it to over $320,000. $320,00 was the budget set to get weather implemented into the game. It wasn't checked off on the list. I was wondering if it was actually going to be 1.0?
  5. So in the prologue you enter the door into the birthday party it starts as a door knob. then when you push X or F on pc it turns into a handle.
  6. No, I meant the door that you enter, right past the broken canister tube. The one you enter to continue the prologue.
  7. Variable terrain is something I noted in the Gamescom 2016 trailer. When walking past the two police officers the road goes down hill and the house to the left is on the hill with a patio. However while playing the actual game, I noticed that the world was completely flat. Is this just temporary or something that had to be changed in order to stop some bugs?
  8. - I seem to experience A LOT of frame tearing. When I'm staring in one place it's fine, but when I look around it tears randomly. - In the prologue the door before the party has a knob but when you push X (or E) it turns into a bar. - I have, not really a bug, but a a request. When you're looking for a quest it's tough to find. could you make it so you could select a specific quest so you could tell which quest your moving towards.
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