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  1. If you're in Wellington you can drink water from peoples houses which is laced with joy.
  2. I had a lot of the same questions as you when I first started but what I started doing is when I couldn't figure out what to do on a quest I would just do another quest and for the most part while I was doing other quest's I would find the thing I need for the one I was originally working on. But yes there's a bug with Faraday's Lab you have to talk to the guy before you give him the key but I think I saw someone say you can just kill that guy and take his key.
  3. I think they said they will be adding difficulties later. I read in the beta patch notes that the way survival is in this new patch would be like a medium setting. Unless you're saying a slider for each food, water, sleep?
  4. @CrisRo I really like the idea that Arthur could remember killing people. Maybe when you sleep at night Arthur has "dreams" of the murders or what if the dreams reveal more about the person you killed so you get to know them and feel even worse about it. It doesn't even have to have a direct impact on the story or anything just something to add to the immersion which they've done a great job with already. I mean I already feel bad killing people but something where he remembers would really be cool.
  5. @KennyTHT Yes nothing pops up when I go to the car. I watched a YouTube video to make sure I did it correctly. I submitted a bug report but until then time to start a new one!
  6. Not sure if this has been reported or not but i'm playing on PC and i'm trying to collect the advanced metal but it wont let me. I have the mechanical extractor and I go to the front of the marked cars but I don't get a prompt or have anyway to use the mechanical extractor. I'm sure I did it correctly because I watched a video and followed the exact way he did it. Nothing else bugged with the quest but this.
  7. Are you still having this problem? I'm playing on PC and I go to the front of the marked cars and i'm still not getting any prompt even though I have the mechanical extractor.
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