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  1. Post bugs relating to UI and Inventory in here. Please merge if there is an existing thread. Platform: XBOX One Problem: Inventory Items Not Stacking - Some bottles do not stack, while others do. - Empty Syringe, same as above. Platform: XBOX One Problem: Map Problems - "Dig Location" text gets stuck to the cursor in the map and does not disappear. - Can not move the map cursor to the edge of world map without zooming in first.
  2. Eric Liddell stops running and stands in place.
  3. When you are zoomed all the way out you can not move your cursor to certain regions of the map, there is a wall that you hit. This can be fixed in game right now by zooming in, and then moving the cursor around the map. Small problem, but probably a good idea to iron this out.
  4. It would be nice if the selected items would hi-lite a little bit more. It is a bit more difficult on console to tell what you are selecting (especially with the subdued colour scheme) considering that we are not using a mouse. Have a brighter colour showing what we have selected in our inventory would be very intuitive for console UI. Even a pastel yellow to keep with the subdued theme would be helpful, just a bit more contrast please. Keep up the good work.
  5. Hi, first off, awesome game. Am absolutely loving it on XBOX One I have been using the storage lockers in my safe home for organizing my inventory. I used one of the lockers for food. I found that after some time went by, maybe more specifically this happened after loading into a new area and then back that the items stored in my storage locker had disappeared. Three other items had spawned into there, I think it was a rock, bit of metal, and a stick. It's nice to have the extra storage lockers in our safe house for organizing inventory outside of our safety deposit box. It would be ideal if the items stored in there would not disappear however Keep up the good work, love the game.
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