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  1. Hello! I play the game on PC in vigilante mode, and the take/place got fixed! Thank you.
  2. Take/Place is glitching a bit. When I try to "place" an item, it won't work until I refresh by clicking "store" option, then back to "place". This happens to everything, not just the shelter storage. I haven't tried restarting the game, but would that fix it? Sometimes, I'm prevented from going into certain areas. This happened twice, one in Gemma Olsen's house, where I did not trigger any cutscenes, but was not allowed to go downstairs. It fixed itself after coming off Joy. Second incident was at the Newspaper Office, where I wasn't allowed to enter the vent from upstairs. It worked fine when I went back downstairs and crawled through. I was also on Joy when I was at the Newspaper Office, but I'm not sure if it's related or not. Also, is there no more begging in the Garden District? I haven't seen any for awhile. It's just, I always saved my apples for the beggars, but now I just sell them to bankrupt the storekeepers.
  3. It's so awesome to see the tidbits I only read about during the weekly update for real. When I recognized them, I was like, "Oh, my god! It's so much nicer to be able to see it close up!" It's beautiful, guys. The new inventory system took some time getting used to, only because I liked seeing everything laid out for me to see instead of scrolling. Still, thank goodness it's upgraded. I love the new layout so much better; it allows my hoarding nature to go free. I've probably spent the entirety of first day running around the outer limits of Garden District collecting petals and berries. Also, thank you for making the crafting page easier to produce in bulk just by holding down forever. I didn't mind how it was before, but this is definitely better. Because of this, I've spent a few good minutes dying from bobbies because I was overburdened after curfew... The new layout of the Wellie houses! My favorite part of the game is looting. It's just as much fun as doing quests, really. The houses are so pretty to look at, and the newest house layout is my favorite. Maybe because it's cozier? There are so many more rooms and items. The tiny safe makes much more sense than the big one you'd see in Fallout 4. Also, thank you for the additional icons indicating crafting tables located in people's houses or quests (the mushroom log!) becuase I only get one marker and it was hard to remember. I want the Art Team to know I really appreciate the details of various cabinets and storage. So much eye candy! My favorite quest in the game is "Murder House", because I love horrors and things. I never found anything else in the game to be creepy until this quest, and as much as I loved it, the first time I tried it out, it was bugged. Now it's fixed, and I completed it! It was scary, and fun, and bloody. Can we have more, please? Though Murder House was a visual stunner, I Sing Body Electric playthrough was really special. It was an entire episode in and of itself. It was a different world down there, and refreshing from having to run around the village. It was so immersive! So many vents! Puzzles! Gases! Riding the Jubilator! The safehouse teleportation system really doubled the enjoyment of the game. It was so, so hard having to run back and forth for different quests. I'll admit, I didn't see it the big, giant, shiny door in the first safehouse, and only noticed the lever in Maidenholm. Now I don't have to run for a day to fill my canteens, or to use the crafting table! THANK YOU. All in all, everything runs great, plays wonderfully, and stunningly beautiful. I've spent hours since the update, but still haven't unlocked every quest, or explored every island (Maidenholm is simply the best, I'm afraid.) I see a lot of hate lately, but don't let it "bring you down"! We love We Happy Few.
  4. Yeah, same here. Though I progressed as far as to start the cutscene, which is just a few seconds after the crash. After the scene ends, the game crashed for me just now. I actually crashed right before the boss fight at the end of the encounter.
  5. I'm sorry it took awhile; I just sent the email! I sent the whole thing as a .zip I hope that's what you meant.
  6. I'd like to clarify that I have updated to the newest patch, and also started a new game. I'm experiencing quite a bit of crashes since the patch release. The first crash happened after the "second wind" from dying by bobbies near the Apple Tree quest. I spawned close to the bobbies, which meant I aggro'd them as soon as they caught a sight of me. However, my game crashed two more times as the bobbies triggered their baton animation (post whistle). Similar thing happened on the previous patch, same with the bobby aggro animation. Another crash happens when I see lootable items, when they're not there. When I press "E" to look, for example, a bookshelf, I see a bottle of alcohol. However, when I press "Tab" to open up the inventory, the bookshelf is empty. When I attempt to loot the nonexistant bottle of alcohol, my game crashes.
  7. Campfire - Cannot grab the rubber ducky. Mushroom Log - Cannot harvest mushrooms. It's a Terrible Life - Cannot turn in two 'proper suits'. George Baillie is not responsive. Lud's Bridge - The quest title does not grey out even after completing it. Johnny Bolton, Special Agent - The 'ephemeral linen' in your inventory disappears, and the item cannot be collected anymore, when you get caught by one of the npcs. Mystery House - Even after completing the quest up to 'Find the source of the strangeness without being seen', once you get caught it starts over in your quest log (greyed out). The house remains locked until you take a joy pill at 11pm again. The lanterns that npcs carry around within the Mystery House are glitched, swinging by their feet instead of within their hands.
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