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  1. A phone case or pins to wear won't be bad either... Like how expensive ?
  2. So much stuff OMG My brain is stuffed hahaha You guys should be sooo proud of yourselves! You do amazing work
  3. Thanks for the info ! I figured as much. I wonder what the pricing will be like... Now the only other thing I could want is a portable version of the game for my ps vita
  4. I'd love a WHF themed shirt or phone case... Has there been any news about the topic anywhere ? I know it's still pretty early, but I'm curious
  5. You guys are really working hard and it shows ! I'm sooo excited
  6. I don't know why I was so surprised smh The whole game is pretty messed up lol
  7. Oh gawd I even said I wanted to taste it omg This can't be !!! V-meat my ass
  8. Ok no way !!! I saw the meat it has a chicken foot lol Why would they eat each other ? I just found some in the nice part of town as well lol Why would they eat people ? They have all the foot they could need... Good guesses tho haha
  9. I don't suppose it'll be attached to some "Strange" animal later on ? I only seem to find it in the garden district as well... I kinda wonder that texture and taste also lol Anybody got any idea or speculations ? I'm all ears because I'm stumped hahaha
  10. I got up to faradays lab, but when I opened the cage they were keeping her, she wasn't there... How do I complete the mission without her ?... I need to get the motaline vacuum from her right ?

  11. I'm really enjoying the game so far ! This would be my first, first person and survival all in one Hahah

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