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  1. Thank you! I'm using Xbox one, I'll try the developer cheats to see if it dropped around... But I don't quite understand what you mean about getting past faraday's bridge? Thank you again very much!
  2. I can't because i'm in a glitch where i dont have the scavenger extractor but farraday thinks i do : ( and love birds still doesn't work lol
  3. I was excited too! Fortunately i was able to talk to farraday finally but now i'm stuck at another glitch. And the love birds mission still doesn't work, as well as blood on the streets. : ( I love this game so much but I can't get through it!
  4. Hey! So I was really excited about this new update because before it I couldn't even see Farraday at all. Finally I'm able to complete the main mission, or so I thought. As I'm going along with Farraday's requests I come to the scavenger extractor mission. I go to sleep in her house and the game suddenly glitches and quits. I go back in and it starts off at the place where I picked up Moltene in the mission prior. I don't have the scavenger extractor so I went back to get it from her and she just keeps saying "Where are part of what I asked you for!" But she won't give me the scavenger extractor. I believe it's a glitch where she thinks I have it, but i don't. I even tried to extract from cars but it just says i need the scavenger extractor. I tried quitting the game and it keeps bringing me back to the moltene spill. I'm stuck now and again I cant complete the main mission. Any ideas of what I can do? I'm not sure where else i could get the scavenger extractor.
  5. Hello! I've been playing for quite some time and I'm stuck on some missions. Firstly I can't meet faraday! I did the pipe valve mission and I'm unable to find her! She isn't upstairs. I've tried saving and restarting and no luck. For tea time I need a bucket Where can I get one? For love birds I need to bring a lovely bouquet but every time I go to the man I can't interact with him,??? For I need a pipe I have no idea where this Floyd man is. For downer investigation I searched the corpse and it still says to search the corpse. I'm sorry if I'm a bother I just am really stuck and there is no assistance in the actual game! Please help with whatever you can !
  6. I'm having this trouble too... I watched YouTube videos and people say she pops up in farrahday's workshop by the metal gate inside upstairs but I never see her. I saved and restarted, I got the new update.... I have no idea what it takes for me to see her. I'm stuck on that mission and stuck on getting to Apple holm. I'm also stuck on powering down the downer detector. I have no idea what to do there
  7. For me first the game glitches when I bought the pipe valve... Finally I got through that thanks to the update. Then it said I needed the key when James gave it to me. And now it tells me to talk to a person that's not even there! This game would be so fantastic if I didn't have to get through 3 glitches to complete a mission!
  8. I'm in the same boat I don't understand This game is good but so many glitches is making it frustrating to play!
  9. I disabled it- also idk where to find the damn bucket! I'm also stuck on another mission- I brought the pipe valve to farrahday's lab and the game said I got the key to the lab but when I try to get inside the door says I need the key... Did you get the key to farrahday's lab by giving the guy outside the pipe valve ?
  10. Is there any other way to get a pipe valve other than buying it??? Every single time I try to buy the pipe valve from the store odds and ends the entire game freezes. This happens EVERY TIME. *spoiler* I know that I need to get faraday' key in order to get to Apple hold How on earth am i supposed to do so if I can't even get the pipe valve to get into that house ??? Please please help! Compulsion: please work on your glitches! I know how you don't want to have a save option but what happens when I'm stuck on a wall and I can't get out? It's completely unfair to restart something because I got in a glitch and there's no save option so I could've saved beforehand. There are way too many glitches to not have a save option. I like this game, I like the eating sleeping drinking but I don't like the glitches. I also don't like how I'm constantly getting lost the map needs to be a little better.
  11. *SPOILER* You can make a cute for it! It's called the Phenocycline Syringe. It requires 1 empty syringe, 1 antiseptic and 2 filtered water. That will cure you from the plague.
  12. Hello! I've been playing we happy few for a couple of days now and I find completing side missions a bit difficult. One mission requires me to get a pipe valve in the garden district. I found a pipe valve in a store and I could buy it with some sovereign but every single time I try to buy it the game completely freezes. Any answers to this? I also find this game a little more difficult than others. I get lost in the game often and i spend countless time trying to find specific places. When I can't figure out how to continue in a side mission there is no other way to assist. There are no hints or anything. Like how do I power down the downer detector? And where do I get a bucket to fill stuff with? And how do I complete the downer investigation? I don't even know where to begin!
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