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  1. I just got the exact same issue less than an hour ago! I just saved and quit the game, but hopefully next time I load it up it will be there again! Fingers crossed
  2. I had the same issue, the way I got out was hiding underneath the bed. Though that was difficult to do, as you have to look at the bed, and your cursor will cycle through the body, the bed, and nothing quite rapidly Best of luck if you get out!
  3. I'm not too sure I agree on changing the joy factor. While it's true joy Is supposed to make you happy and forget all your troubles - I've been under the assumption it's if you take enough. If Arthur would take enough joy to feel the actual effects again he would most likely forget about escaping and just go back to being a wellie! Poor, joyful Arthur! I thought the role of joy in this game was to conform just enough with the wellies - enough to pass joy detectors and wellies themselves. I haven't done it yet - but isn't it possible to overdose? You have some nice ideas though! Good thoughts!
  4. I have seen a few guilt ridden wastrels lament about v-meat, it's quite disturbing if they are screaming truth! No wonder people need their joy, eh?
  5. Unless I haven't hit the right button yet, is there a button to lock on to NPCs/items/etc? I think it would help for attacking - sometimes I miss or get a bit disorientated when I move the mouse too much, and I think a lock on would help remedy that!
  6. Loving the game so far! Psyched for it ever since I saw the first 15 minutes of gameplay from youtube! I have found a game breaking glitch that has forced me to restart my whole game - I'm stuck infinitely falling in the rubble of an abandoned house. I'm pretty sure I was running/jumping over the rubble when the animation turned to falling. Now I'm not able to move from the spot. Hopefully that isn't too hard to fix!
  7. The town of Wellington Wells is quite an eerie place, despite all of its citizens taking their dosages of Joy. I adore the fact that even though the town is painted as a utopia, a large undercurrent of fear and guilt can't be shaken while playing. It's almost as if the town itself resembles the joy-drugged citizens. One thing I've noticed that adds the to uncertainty is the fact that there are no children in the game. I can see why that would be for a multitude of reasons, namely it would be easier to replicate AI that are the same size, and fighting children is a little taboo (and rightly so). But I can't help but wonder if the fact that children are not present could tie into the storyline? There was a "Very Bad Thing", but I don't quite think that is related. Uncle Jack's recount of the Pied Piper makes me feel as though the lack of children could be addressed when more story is added to the game. For those who don't know, the Pied Piper cured the town of Hamelin of thousands of rats riddled with the plague. He played a magic flute and lured the rats off a cliff to drown. After the citizens refused to pay the Piper, he then lured the town's children with the same magic flute, and delivered them to the same fate. It's quite a dark story, but I can see some similarities within the fable and this game. What do you guys think?
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