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  1. Walkabout ghost simply stands there and does nothing
  2. Also new play through, give a pig a pancake also fails to complete when you take a item from the chest
  3. If you touch the lot button on accident while looting bodies causes CTD
  4. The store in the tree house doesn't charge you for items. PLZ fix this! Vendors would be awesome to unload the extra supplies you picked up while looting, I am one of those players that picks up everything, spending 7-8 ingame days looting everything on the first island ensuring rapid progression and stockpiling things like food, water crafting supplies. Having to just find the treehouse and load up defeats the fun.
  5. Yeah using the honey gate. No issues there. Just figured you gusy would want to know conditions that made the quest not complete in journal
  6. 2 quests I am having a issue with. Wild Picnic wont complete even after looting chest. Chest looted before ambushers attacked, game wont complete quest Shiboleth wont complete stealth looted suit case while wellies were crying. After saving them quest wont complete if note is retrieved from suit case or bezerk injectors used to make them kill each other Also teh dev menu when tracked will not complete quests
  7. Also noticing a HUGE drop in plant respawn time, not sure if it is a bug, fixed bug (they were respawning to fast?) or a balancing thing?
  8. On quitting the game steam leaves it as running status have to force close and restart steam. Biological hazard quest unable to give Herald the Neximide pill. Usuing console to advance quest also does not add his note making the quest incomparable.
  9. They are working already on implementing them into the UI as you type this ! Steam already has preview testing available for these functions.
  10. Give a pig a pancake, DRASTICALLY improved from first 2 play throughs! Map holding stead, tracking working like a charm! 1.) Traps around "give a pig a pancake if triggered for the NPC to attack rather than give quest 2.) 3rd objective of same quest "take 1 item" doesn't trigger completion had to force with dev commands 3.) Still receiving quest "Spring Cleaning" on start up, with change to starting safe house not possible to complete 4.) Custom map marker not functioning at all Still a great game. Back to survival will update as playthrough continues
  11. I would liek ato have the journal allow me to track and untrack quests as needed similar to other games like skyrim or fallout, where locations all appear on map once discovered and tracking them with player activated markers would be even better.
  12. Yeah you can OD, on permadeath that is game second wind/no perma you wake in your safe house HOURS later, hp depleted, hunger almost maxed and dehydrated almost to the point of death 4 joy pills is enough to saturate and make you forget everything you were doing. In perma death it ends the game
  13. i KEEP RUNNING OUT OF ROOM TO STORE FOOD LOL! Their is tons of it everywhere, but I am pretty sociopathic and choke anyone I can get close enough to out and take everything, house raids every 3-4 days will keep food MORE than topped off, plus 2 nightly circles around teh islands edge in any area can provide 20+ medigels, elite meds or 2-3 stacks of berries which is more than enough alone to keep you fed until you get to the later zones where food is abundant.
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