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  1. There was a war, (WWII, as far as I can tell) with tanks and ammo, but where are the guns? Not like the game needs them nor does the combat system seems like it supports that kinda thing. I was just wondering, why not throw some weird, steampunky cannon in there, just for fun?
  2. Problem: Crashes when loading into new areas, reverting me back to my previous save.
  3. Post any bugs, crashes, or issues you have been experiencing on Xbox One here!
  4. I like the low storage space, makes you decide what's truly necessary to keep.
  5. It seemed excessive at first but once you get used to it and see how easily you can obtain food and water, It's a nice challenge in my opinion. Maybe not realistic (All I had was a sub today, I would've been dead hours ago in WHF universe), but makes you actually put basic needs first rather than just questing and progressing story-wise and staying easily nurtured from what you find doing that. On another note, Asherack said that it needs to be harder to get away from aggro muffs and I agree completely. I mean weak, disease-ridden wastrels may not keep up to you so easy but the bobbies have no excuse. I'll have an entire mob after me, turn a corner, look back, and there will only be one still chasing me. I thought I'd have a reason to be scared of the bobbies but the spankers are usually the only thing that gets in my way. ( I like underestimating them) I also agree with him about sneaking, it's not something you HAVE to utilize, rather, it's something you'll probably just use for fun and immersion.
  6. -Quest: Crazy Legs Problem: Incapacitated Eric Liddell at same time as receiving objective. Did not register as objective completed and quest was not able to be finished. Fix: New play-through reset the quest. -I've also been having troubles giving people items that are in my inventory, whether it's for a quest or a random wastrel. (Won't register that I've acquired the item and have it on me.) -Quest: Mushroom Log Problem: Cannot collect mushrooms even though they are present. More often then not
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