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  1. My V-Meat has a first name its O. S. C. A... Well wait now, it could be Victor, Valerie or Vance, Oh well open a can of V-Meat, take your "JOY" & dance... V-Meat is murder, Tasty, Tasty murder. Have you tried V-Meat with a side of "JOY"?
  2. They have sealed it off to create giant smokers & steamers to cook the "meat" the vent pipes are the "Smoker exhaust". Ok, last try for these, mppphh mind the side effects they say, now wheres did I put my "JOY". (http://i.imgur.com/iYwOmue.jpg) (http://i.imgur.com/bpcPvhD.jpg)
  3. Not sure if other links were good, sorry if double.
  4. Chicken, lol nope. Anyone care for a slice of little old lady? Its served w/ side of "JOY"? V-Meat more like Toe-fu..
  5. You hear them say it if you listen "Where do they go, never see them digging" Cant remember exact phrase completely but you know a side effect of "JOY" makes you forget.
  6. Mrs. Stokes, eyes wide open, Shes watching you.
  7. Personally I have tried to take a live & let live approach to most, when that fails I find it entertaining to lure the entire house hold to the outer edge of the islands. Once there I like to put each to sleep before looting the body's for what ever they contain. Once said looting is completed I proceed to carry each to the edge of the cliffs and toss them one by one (pushing while awake fails and they pull a "wile e coyote" and just walk back). After watching each one fall into the watery abyss I head back to their home (whistling whatever psycho killer tune that comes to mind) , casually loot it and catch up any missed sleep in their freshly made beds. Its also fun to put them to sleep & lock them out of their houses as well.. ;/ Would say I'm a tad disturbed by my actions, but as they say, "A few dozen "JOY" a day makes the memories go away" well I think its like that anyways. Now where did my bottle of "JOY" go off too.. Excuse me for a moment wont you. Sir, Sir, May I talk to you for a moment? Yes, yes over here by the cliff, do you see that...
  8. Threw him out of switch house, gate has stayed open for me.
  9. you can ghost through wall (enter through side, under guard) to get back out.
  10. Hi, You have to search lift & open inventory screen to transfer honey (like you would into safe/locker.)
  11. True, but Floyd promised sweet,sweet drugs. Now I may just have to take it out on those who have denied my Joy...
  12. Maybe a bug? Ran into Floyd He offered me sweet, sweet drugs for a pipe (not at all sketch) Thinking sweet deal, get pipe score more drugs return to where Floyd is find he has been killed and stuffed into a trash can I assume the guy reading the paper next to him didn't like being interrupted.... At any rate now stuck with a pipe and nothing to stuff it with ;(
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