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  1. @Partybot777 - That is exactly what I experienced thanks for confirming I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  2. Maybe I'm not doing it right but the NPC wouldn't give me the duck after exhausting dialogue, I tried to take the duck and there was no prompt to steal it etc, I used a trap duck they all started clapping and then got gassed and then I tried to swipe it while they were all coughing didn't work either, I turned on the radio no luck, I threw rocks and glass bottles to distract them again to try and swipe the duck still no prompt to take it, I resorted to murdering the npc cook/chef who was stirring the duck in the pot still nothing ... I then murdered all the food beggars he was cooking for. Also during the day time his hat is visible and floats in the air and when it switches to night time he appears under his floating hat.
  3. I didn't notice the quest to dispose of her, went above ground took a stroll then learnt how to do quests. Noticed that I had one pending for her I came back down into the bunker and I can't pick her body up anymore it just keeps prompting me to search her I can't complete this.
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