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  1. Resolved: So while the game was loading up I accessed "GlimpseGame"" (startup programs) properties and changed the compatibility to windows 7. Almost called this a Win... Then my PC blacked out again about 40 seconds into gameplay. (Clearly what caused me to black out crash to start / boot menu is still a problem. Not sure how widespread Black Screens of Death are.) What didn't help: I fixed Windows 7 direct x 11 just to be sure. (This had no affect and I was unable to launch the game after "fixing" it) So scratch that theory. My temperatures on the PC are fine when I run other games... I will be investigating what happens to my Temps when I run WHF again in the future... (when I can actually get into the game for a period of time. But hey at least the launcher works now.
  2. This one has me stumped. I have tried reinstalling the game. WHF worked well for the first two days (approx 11 hours of game time on steam) Then crashed hard in a Black screen of death. I started up in safe mode. However since BOD crash I am unable to run the game. When I input a key during the introductory prompt it crashes. I get the open ticket to report. Nothing I have tried has been working. Any advice? Computer Specs: Windows 7 64 Bit Nvidea GTX 970 (4g) 16 Gigs Ram Processor = i5 @ 3.4 Ghz.
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