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  1. I had some ideas for things that could be added to the game 1. In the garden district make a water purification plant and in order to have pure water use a water filter or restore power or a different part to it using a pipe valve or pump repair kit 2. An encounter where you need to sneak into a motiline factory and have to restore power or try to clear it out 3. I know guns will never be a thing but I thought maby we could craft a slingshot that will give extra range and damage and use rocks or bottles or other throwable items 4. An encounter that requires you to escape from a building without being caught and you must find all the things you started with
  2. Complete all missions involving faraday cross the bridge follow the path to another bridge. In my experience it will either have a joy detector or a malfunction spanker use the code from faraday to get past. Then go to the building on the next island and go down the hatch. From there you will see a makeshift raft. Use the raft and you are done.
  3. I have a theory that Uncle Jack is not taking joy. He knows so much about things others don't including the outside world.
  4. Sorry about last thing. I was using my phone
  5. Spaghetti trees and whacky-stick sweet donkey? I laughed way to hard when I saw this.
  6. There is a chance that it could come out at or around release because they said whf will be released in 6/7 months. My ideas are just to try to improve the game.
  7. It doesn't look like they thought of multiplayer but it's never to late for them to consider it.
  8. I was playing whf when I had an idea. My idea has nothing to do with adding guns or complaining about how it's hard to find food. The idea is to add a game mode where you and a small group of people have to try to be the first to escape or the last one surviving many even a complete the objective. If you consider to put this in the game then I think you would be able to get more people to try out the game and if you are going to put it in whf then try to get it in by the time whf is released. I know that everyone over at compulsion games is very busy and I just want this to be considered and to know your opinion on this. Whf is already a great game as it is. I think this could make it even better. Hope everyone who reads this likes and agrees with me.
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