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  1. I dislike calling the people on joy people on Joy so can we have a name for them please? I think we should call them the Joyous personally.
  2. Whatever the case is for Uncle Jack recently dead alive whatever he has been around for a long time likely older then anyone currently in the game because when you talk to other Downers you can say "I knew Uncle Jack before he was happy." and other Downers will reply with "Who was Uncle Jack before he was happy?" One question I have is who are the Bobbies (the Guard guys) because instead of the face paint most people on Joy have they wear masks over their face. it could be that they are not on Joy. They are at least in charge of keeping the people on Joy(really need a name for people on Joy like the Joyous) and The Downers trapped on there islands and why are they doing that is the question.
  3. It could be that everyone we see is someone who was traumatized by the war and Joy was made in a attempt to help those people who without Joy would be Downers and the Bobbies are really around to make sure the ones who use Joy live comfortably
  4. I was just wondering if you guys have any theories on the game they can be weird and wacky and completely wrong. is Foggy Jack and Uncle Jack the same person? Why do the Downers only get re-runs of Uncle Jack's show? Why do the people of Garden District worship a floating Yam? Can there be too much JOY?
  5. the Downer who is vomiting in one quest who ate something rotten in some of my play throughsI cant talk to him
  6. hey am I the only one who when they save and leave the game then come back later see objects around you floating or missing. For example I saved near the quest were you have to repair a water pump and when I came back the water pump was gone and there was a book flying in the air.
  7. one Idea could be you could make a drug that buffs speed or strength some but when you use it you Hallucinate or if you use it too much in a small amount of time you Hallucinate.
  8. Ya you run around for a few minutes and you character starts to starve.
  9. I know how you feel I want this to be a full blown game as well not like Rust, Day Z or H1Z1. At this point though we should let the developers continue to work on it.
  10. I contracted the plague during one game and I have no idea how to get rid of it so can someone please tell me. thanks
  11. Found a Unexpected Chest and Unexpectedly it would not open after I used a lock pick. it was a quest I believe it was called Unexpected Chest.
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