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  1. I've been having a lot of npc's glitched into the floor, as in half of them are sticking out of the floor and they cannot move. Also fighting them on the stairs is quite the issue even if your looking up and should be able to hit them you still can't.
  2. So i had a few different bugs happen in a row very quickly. First - The dig location i found a grave, the dig location popped up on the map couldn't dig anywhere i know this is a common bug atm. Second - Teleportation bug - I left the grave turned around and started to head towards a mail box to open it. While going towards the mail box i went to jump over a bench i ended up falling out of the air about a good 100ft right of the location i was at. Third - After those two bugs i went to the walk about quest location, popped my lovely joy pill the quest started but nothing really happend. the ghost spawned then just stood there. if i moved around after a few seconds the ghost would turn and look at me and that was about it until the joy wore off and i started to withdrawal.
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