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  1. Oh my goodness - thank you so very much. I think I was confusing the two. I also think I must have as many pockets as I can because I can't seem to equip them anymore. Now off to find some inventory expansions! Cheers again for the help!
  2. So I have 3 pocket expansions and everytime I try to use them to expand my inventory, they just disappear and my inventory does not expand. I am sure I am doing something wrong here...can someone post how to use these so I can carry more items? Any help is appreciated!!
  3. I just posted a similar issue although for me, I never got the "v" prompt to pick her up. Not did I get the Spring Cleaning mission. I read the notes and checked her body but now she just hangs there....and I cannot move her nor do I have the mission in my list.
  4. Hello all. Firstly, let me say I am having a blast playing the game and look forward to when the main story is ready to go! Now to my issue. I have never had the option to remove Mrs. Stokes (I think that is her name) from my safehouse. The only option that pops open is to search her. I never get the prompt to press "v" to remove her. Nor do I get the Spring Cleaning mission. Any thoughts? I've played about 10 hrs of the game. Do I need to start over? Any help is most happily appreciated! Flipfloppie
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