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  1. Sea of Thieves and Battlefield 1 are going to ruin my life when they come out
  2. @shmerl neither game has been released yet, I wanted to know which you thought is going to be better
  3. Maybe the devs could highlight sellable items while the shop window is open. That would help a ton!
  4. How do I add an image to a forum post?
  5. Make sure you have space for it before activating the event, it's a small bug
  6. @CrisRo That would definitely be an awesome aspect to see put into the game. As for your experience, I'm so sorry that happened
  7. I had no trouble with it. I'm on Xbox though so that could be it.
  8. I like all of that except the fact that wastrels are already pretty dirty with or without joy
  9. Just a fun poll! By the way, anybody who thinks COD is going to be better than Battlefield 1 is a rotten potato.
  10. Was taking a stroll down one of the streets in the first island in the game and I came across a floating street sign not unlike the ones pictured in the "7/29/2016 weekly update part 2" thread It was at the right height but it was hovering over the sidewalk and not attached to a building. Kinda funny, but kills the realism so here I am reporting it
  11. @asherack Even if the figures for the survival needs were realistic, which they aren't at the moment, it kills the experience to have to forage for food every 4 minutes. I understand this is a survival game, but we need to think about how we want the survival elements to work along with the story that is yet to come. Personally I think you shouldn't starve to death until 48 hours from being at 100 food and about 36 hours for thirst. If it were to be 24 hours or less to die, you would instantly die upon waking up from a day of sleep, which is sort of the way it works now . Though I think you shouldn't die for a long while, maybe some slightly harsher penalties as the values drop below 30 percent would be a good idea to balance it out. I don't think there should be any penalty for food/drink/sleep until the value is under ~65 percent. It hits you too hard to have 10 percent penalties to stamina if I don't eat literally every 60 seconds. Just my thoughts though
  12. I think this game would be drastically improved if there were some distractions, for a price. Like if you pay off a citizen with Joy or currency, they would start a fight and make the guards run to them, help you fit in, etc. Not necessarily. The premise of the game is that you're trying to fit in to a world where nobody else is on your side. Unless there was like a secret downer house or something, paying off civilians to cause distractions would be inconsistent with the way the rest of the game plays
  13. You need to do it over and over again. It's a mini-story that has gone for about a week in game before it stopped for me. Keep returning, it's fun to listen
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