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  1. I can even justg about leave the room the only reason i can;t is because one of them is stood far enough in the doorway to block me from getting out
  2. These two fellas are stood outside the button operated shutter and i can both see them and talk to them opening and closing the shutter as i please but they are unable to get in it's only a minor bug like but just in case you hadnt noticed
  3. I retried this with rupert hill the guy you find dead and he went through the wall as well
  4. I've just restarded the game and I've gone into the control room where some guy has appeared who i had to knock the snot out of which is all well and good but then i picked him up and i stood basically directly in front of a wall at the corner of the room then when i tried to throw him so he would just land in the corner he got stuck half way in the walls. after this i picked him back up went to throw him into the corner again from the same position at which point he passed straight through the wall and disappeared into nothingness.
  5. The game randomly puts me "in combat" I'll just be walking around as usual and i wont have done anything that would upset someone or even have run anywhere like i should basically be invisible to everyone my hands arent up or anything but then this dramatic music plays and i can't craft because I'm in combat.
  6. It appears that it only tells you to come back after the first time you steal mushrooms/eaves drop on their conversation. I only found them by accident i got the mission but when i looked at the log there were neither mushrooms nor ppl cuase it was daytime and i almost reported it as a bug in the game but then when i wound up back there by accident (still havnt remembered where everything is in town) at night and they were there.
  7. Does it rly sorry i never saw that give me a second to check but if it does ill see if i cant take this down
  8. It would be good if there was a way for you to mark on your map and say where a certain thing is or even just make a mark to show that something important is there. it would also be good if you were to yenno rightclick or something on a certain spot and get directions there or something
  9. I think it would be a good idea if this mission was made to only pop up at night when the couple are their because otherwise this mission pops up when your near a log and a big rock but that's it and its only if you come back at night that you realise what the hell the mission is talking about.
  10. I'm not sure if having the intro on makes a difference i havnt checked yet since the successful testing of making it work
  11. I've had the same issue. on one occasion when i cancelled the intro it gave me the option to carry her and i was able to carry her and i put her down and i could pick her back up if i stood directly over her so i left the safe house to go do normal game stuff (without Mrs. Stokes because i figured if i went out in public with a dead body everyone would attack me) then when i went back inside i was no longer able to pick her up.
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