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  1. In the prologue, you see a big contrast between things when you're on Joy and off it, the biggest example being the piñata. In the normal game though, the only thing that appears to be different between on Joy and off Joy is the lighting and the background music. My suggestion is to add a number of objects and effects that look completely different depending on whether you're using or not using Joy. Examples: - People sitting at tables eating things in the park on Joy; off Joy what they're eating changes to something more gruesome - Dead bodies of people when you're on Joy look like something happy; off Joy they just look like normal dead people - Stuffed animals lying around town; off Joy they're just gruesome dead animals - Rotten food on Joy looks like normal food - Maybe make the people look dirtier when you're not on Joy - Downers in the garden district look cleaner and happier on Joy
  2. Yea I agree that some of the survival aspects should be toned down a bit. A lot of my time once I made it to Wellington Wells was spent gathering food, especially if you are using joy a lot. Took me a while to realize that if you just don't use Joy and run around town talking to people that you run by they don't seem to care / have time to get mad at you. They should probably fix that. Also it'd be nice if more things had a more generous sell value that way buying things had more of a purpose. There's really no good place for getting money consistently so you can't really buy what you want in the shops ever (selling plants from the garden district should be worth like 3-5 coins each since people in the town don't want to go to the garden district). @Chuckster65 paying off citizens with Joy would be kinda OP imo since you can just get pills from the gate going into the town. Took me a while to notice that you can just pick up 3 pills every time you pass the gate; although that may just be on the one gate setup (the one with the pump station/guarded gate, not the honey gate/off to lunch gate).
  3. Things I like: - The story is interesting and keeps me wanting to know more from the very beginning - The gathering and exploring mechanics are great - There are a variety of things to use, each with advantages and disadvantages (e.g. rotten food gives food but can get you sick) Things I didn't like: - Some things are frustrating to find. I found myself searching a lot just to find where certain quest areas were because it didn't mark them, often just running around in circles. I'd be nice if there was a way to only highlight you active quest on the map to remove clutter, as well as have custom named map markers (allow me to put a marker on the map and name it) - A number of quests were bugged, not allowing me to finish them (if I acquired an item for a quest I hadn't started, then gave the item to the person I needed to without talking to them first, the quest would be uncompletable) - There are a number of deadly things that cause burden of knowledge deaths (plague, entering Wellington Wells for the first time at night, etc). These are especially annoying for players using permadeath. Signs at the bridges entering new areas would be nice (sign saying warning, plague, make sure to carry plague cures with you) (sign at the entrance to wellington warning of curfew and encouraging players to make sure to say hi to people and be friendly to avoid suspicion). In the case of the plague, I've never seen the chemistry bench outside of Wellington, yet you need it to make the plague cure, so players can get it before curing it is even possible (although I've found a book that lets me craft chemistry stuff without the bench, I'm not sure If it's just a lucky find or its guaranteed to be in the starting town). - Joy drains food and water a lot, but there isn't a clear spot to gather food or water consistently. I didn't even know you could get water in Wellington until a few hours of being there. It would be nice if there were more clear ways of making consistent money (selling bouquets or healing balms?) and using it to buy more filling food, as well as making water sources more obvious. The first time I got to Wellington, I died shortly of thirst because I didn't know Joy would nearly instantly drain it when it was wearing off. - Everyone around is constantly on Joy, so I didn't think overdosing was possible. It'd be nice if those pill icons (changes from one pill, to 3, to a bunch, then you overdose) changed color as well with their picture changes to indicate that taking more is dangerous (green -> yellow -> red).
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