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  1. Woops. Wrote sneakers twice Also, the inventory expansion kits look like little backpacks while the pocket expansion kits look like small pockets.
  2. The pocket expansions are different than inventory expansion kits. The pocket expansions give you more room to have items equipped, like sneakers, healing balm, or sneakers. Should be the little squares in the bottom right corner of your inventory.
  3. So...did anyone else go up the stairs and hop across to kill the guy charging the honey toll? 'Cause I ain't got time to run back looking for honey every time I need through. Makes crossing that bridge so much easier.
  4. I had a glitch where I couldn't get to the last car to get the advanced mechanical parts, but I was able to buy one from one of the two shops in the town.
  5. I ended up having to restart my first playthrough, as she didn't show in her lab for me. However, on my second playthrough everything went much quicker since I had some grasp of what I was doing and she actually showed up the second time with no issues.
  6. I too had a glitch here I believe. I managed to kill all of the drugged people and my last step was to find a recipe, but I searched that house up and down and still didn't find it, nor could I locate it on any of the corpses. Found a way onto the roof, remembering the person who was up there earlier. No one was up there anymore and I ended up falling off the roof. Woke up next to a candle and Nice Floral Bouquet though on the street though.
  7. So I'm currently working on the mission to get a valve for Faraday. I was able to use Sovereign and purchase one from one of the shops in town. However, when I went back and gave it to him it seems to have glitched. It's no longer in my inventory and he keeps asking me for one. I even went back to the shop and he is no longer selling a valve. Anywhere else I can get one or should I start up a new game?
  8. I completely agree. I could understand perhaps the thirst decreasing faster if you're running, but everything does seem to drop pretty quickly. It would be nice if that was tweaked or we were allowed to set how fast we wanted it to decrease.
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