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  1. This game is making me mad. I was doing the encounter where your buy a pipe valve where everyone take there joy I gave him the pipe valve and he took it and it didn't work I killed him and got the key and the lady upstairs was not even there so I could not progress. Also I left to get flowers to give to the guy sitting on the bench and I could not talk to him I found the hammer pipe and I could not talk to that guy. I started a new game and the alter yam the guy didn't start his speech, never got to play the drums... The ghost just stood there didn't move. For the one where he pukes in the power cell I died but I killed those people could not talk to him. Also one time it said I saved the chef and he stayed behind bars this time he did not spawn. The encounters don't work more often than they do work. I want to play this game but with all the bugs it's impossible. This is for the Xbox one version can't wait till it works the way it was ment too. Thanks.
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