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  1. @Chunkster65 I think this game would be drastically improved if there were some distractions, for a price. Like if you pay off a citizen with Joy or currency, they would start a fight and make the guards run to them, help you fit in, etc. This wouldn't really fit in with the game. I see what you're aiming for but the essential reason of the game is for you to fit in. @Star Took me a while to realize that if you just don't use Joy and run around town talking to people that you run by they don't seem to care / have time to get mad at you. They should probably fix that. I'm pretty sure the devs did this on purpose. If you don't take your joy for a few minutes (after the previous joy duration is finish), you'll slowly raise suspicion.
  2. @CrisRO @fromthewoods Both of you are right. I didn't mean to sound like the game is utter shit. Like what you said (@fromthewoods), this game is fantastic as an early access alpha. Its just that I don't want Compulsion Games to lose such a huge opportunity cause little shenanigans.
  3. I been playing this game for a good three days and i noticed A LOT of bugs (more than usual) for an 'alpha' game. Let me get this clear, I think this game is FAR from being finished and it shouldn't be worth 30$ at the moment. (Probably 20$ the way how things are going) So let get to the list and I'm going to put this in priorities. High - Lower the rate of Hunger, Thirst, and sleepiness. Majority of the game i found myself hunting for food (not water because that can be easily obtain) - Increase the durability of the weapons. There should be no reason why a normal lady with a cricket bat hit me 50 times and it doesn't get destroyed. Then when I use it, it can only take three swings before breaking (from full durability). - Don't make the NPCS camp in corners or on the wall at night-time. That make the "takedown" feature utterly pointless. - ***THIS IS A GAME BREAKER*** - Fix the bridge gate that checks your Joy. Some of the gates are bugged out forcing you to constantly quit and reboot the game just to get pass or revert what you have done. Medium - There's a huge bug how when you hold "E" to drink water and you press tab for a quick second. Your character keeps drinking the water till you get a "Joy overdose". - The hunger stars really doesn't match how much gives. (Hard to explain but for those who understand, thank you) - Don't make so many policemen spawn at night, it make it nearly impossible to run across the street. - Make "spankers" treat NPC's the same way they treat you. Low - Fix the jumping animation. It almost feels like your character can park-our (which I'm sure he cant), and you can reach some unusual heights with this. If this was done purposely that's a whole new story. - If you sleep for 24 "hours" and wake up, you shouldn't die within 5 second from "Starvation" and/or "Dehydration". - I don't know if this is just me but there's this old little lady that spawns at the MOST unusual times (mostly when I'm near being a "downer"). I know the lady was near HER office. This one specific model spawn way too much ready to scream "Downer". (Proof: ) - When you meet a Police that just recent beat you, he stutters through ALL of his dialog. (Proof: ) With all of this being said, the game in my opinion isn't in a stable state to even play with "Permadeath". As of now, I'm hoping the developers sees this and the other posted on this thread and fix these issues before the game becomes final. This game have a huge potential and it's something that the gaming community never seen before. It would be a shame to see it die because of issues like this. Also here's some suggestions that would make the game sorta interesting. - Add weather. so far it been sunny 24/7 in this game. - Add various types of food and drinks. Not just water and meat. - Make more houses enter-able(?). - Make the bridges more unique. - Put in assassin missions. You have the "takedown" animation and the "smuggle" animation when a person is sleeping.
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